by SilverShark, Zaznorff, and Captain Zedo

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Laz HQ Scrubber's HQ Downtown Moths Downtown Components Downtown 05 Derelict Warehouse General Industrial Flyer's Retreat Waterfront Booze Riverside Cops Light Well #7 Light Well #3 Light Well #1 Light Well #2 Syd's Workshop Trade Central Downtown Estates Police HQ/Police Garrison Gamma Cops Dr. Jobe's Weapons Alpha Police Skinner's HQ Alpha Trading Post Highrise Police Station Light Well #4 Light Well #6 Light Well #8 Light Well #9 Light Well #5 Highrise Trading Post Mines Trading Post Gamma Trading Post Resevoir Trading Post Specialty Arms Resevoir Central Lazarus Weapons Shop Downtown Munitions Psycho Bob's 2 Klamp-G Weapons Lazarus Secret Base Lazarus Hightower Klamp-G Secret Base Prison Oubliette Jupiter 4 The Afterdark The Slum The Waterfront The Shanty Inn Trader's Rest Knocking Ship Lazarus Mines Klamp-G Mines Craven Components AgroChem Downtown Recycling Software Shack #1 Software Shack #2 Software Refinery