Weapons Trading Map

by SilverShark, Zaznorff, and Captain Zedo

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-- Chemical Shops -- Explosives and Plastics

-- Component Shops -- CompComp, MachParts, and occassionally Gems

-- Mines -- Gems

-- Ore Processing/Recycling -- Sheet Metal and ExMetal.

-- Weapons' Manufacturers -- Buy base goods and produce weapons. They retail them to the public as well.

-- Weapons Retailers -- They purchase finished weapons for sale to the general public.

White lines show trade routes from base goods dealers to the weapons' manufacturers.

Red lines show trade routes from weapons manufacturers to weapons retailers.


1) If you've got the cash it pays, to run finished weapons from weapons' manufacturers to weapons retailers before restocking the weapons' manufacturers.

2) Look for Gems at trading posts and Component Shops before making dangerous runs from the Mines Crater.

3) Dr. Jobes is ideally located between suppliers and retail weapons dealers. He has a lot of cash. Sell his goods at Psycho Bob's 2 and Klamp-G Weapons Shop. Use Riverside and Downtown resources to restock him on basic goods.