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HardWar is a 3D, cockpit-view flight sim game in which you're the pilot of a hover-craft called a 'Moth'. HardWar is not a mission-based game. You're placed in a large and open world free to seek your own fate. You can make money by trading, selling scavenged goods, or bounty hunting. Use the cash to get a better Moth, weapons, a hangar, etc.

You are stranded on Titan as the Mass Drivers needed for interplanetary travel have long been disabled. But, there may be another way off. Now the game really begins.

HardWar is placed on the moon Titan. Titan is a cold and foggy place. It was settled long ago as a mining colony by the Lazarus Family who brought most of the original technology to Titan. Eventually a city was founded and named Misplaced Optimism. Misplaced Optimism is the only civilization on Titan.

As the Lazarus family became more and more tyrannical, opposing factions arose. Most of these factions were composed of the criminal element on Titan. They spent about as much time fighting each other as they did the Lazarus family. Eventually a cohesive alliance of the more powerful rebels was formed. This alliance is currently known as Klamp-G. No one remembers where the name came from, but it's supposed to be an amalgamation of the names of the leading rebel factions.

Unrest and crime abound in Misplaced Optimism. The two biggest gangs are the Scrubbers and Skinners. The Scrubbers were janitorial workers and the Skinners were cattlemen at one time. Both discovered the benefits of piracy. The Skinners help the Lazarus family and the Scrubbers are allied with Klamp-G

By the time you arrive, the only thing left of the old civilization are the Light Wells. Light Wells are needed because the fog on Titan prohibits enough ambient light to charge a Moth. The Light Wells are geothermally powered and you may recharge your Moth by hovering in them. The power is free.

The Lazarus family have taken to cloning themselves in an attempt at immortality. Each successive clone becomes more and more insane. The endless struggle between the Lazarus family and Klamp-G is heating up, especially in the Resevoir Crater.

But, something else is happening on Titan. Something big. Apparently there are visitors. Visitors who might be able to help someone get off Titan. The factions keep these visitors hush-hush, but there's a thriving Underground in Misplaced Optimism and they're figuring things out. They'll keep you clued in, too, if you help them with a few chores.

It is in this world that you must survive and thrive. Your only real assets are your Moth and your piloting skills. These and your wits will help you escape Titan. Good luck, pilot.