HARDWAR LINKS -- General Interest


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Software Refinery

The developers and upgraders of HardWar! Sadly their site no longer exists. The link is dead, but I don't have the heart to remove it. It will always remain the first link on this page.

Software Refinery's Ciaran offers coding help to all modders and Hardwar hackers.

Software Refinery's Ciaran's personal website with various random content.

Nighthawk has started a graphic novel with screenshots from the game and is including some original artwork. It looks pretty good so far. Give it a visit at http://hardwar.freewebspace.com/

Roaddemon's site that has all of the files you can find here along with a good board/blog.

Skinz, fiction, and all aspects of the game.

A site with lots of downloads and tips. It has a full version of Hardwar available for download.

A growing and informative site by Wez. He's got some really good offline and online challenges. I like the building a Moth pirate style challenge. This site is the premier site for getting working player-made patches for the game.

This site has been around for some time and has a broad range of materials and content.

One of the best HardWar sites out there by one of Misplaced Optimism's best pilots. This site is the home of the "HardWar Download", an ammeded version of the full HardWar game.

The site of the creator of Hardwar's two most exciting offline challenges. It's a great site covering Hardwar and Elite, and we all know that Xaffax really knows his stuff.

Bulletin board regular Blue Fox's Hardwar site including tips and screenshots. More will be coming.

by John. This is a great beginner's page clearly explaining the different ways to make money on Titan with lots of other good stuff, too.

Crazy is interested in making a screenshots site for Hardwar. He's getting a pretty good collection together along with links and chat.

This is the oldest Hardwar site, and it's still doing well. I think Hedbor's site is a year older than mine. I started mine in 1999 and used Hedbor's site as a reference.

Arago Fett has a good and growing fan fiction site for Hardwar fans.

The Maps of Titan. Detailed and interactive maps of very high quality.

Flap is putting together a central site for Hardwar hackers and crackers that wish to make player patches and add-ons to Hardwar.

If you have or know of a Hardwar site not listed here, please email me. I'll check it out and post the link.