Prison Oubliette










Digger's Run 3

This time Digger is really in trouble - He has been too long, away from the city. His Hangar has been sold with all his goods. No more Neo Tiger, no more Ore processor and his enemies are on his trail...

Digger's Run

This is a challenge strictly for games patched with UIM6. Clicking the title will download a zip file with a saved game and instructions. Again the saved game works only with UIM6. Here's Digger's description:

Your name is Digger, and escaped the prison mine, sold the cargo sled you escaped in you drove to Mines Trading Post for $300, bought a fungal sandwich for $6 (which you might regret later), and have bought from Bargain Moths (whether you like it or not) with 2 med loans, an old scav moth with major damage (also tweaked to a tee) with a destroyed drone. Your challenge, be totally debt free at the earliest opportunity.

Digger's Run II

Digger is back in trouble again:

"Day 11, Digger has survived in Misplaced Optimism's jungle making money by reselling narcotics stolen to the drug dealers. He has a brand new Neo Tiger, equipped with a laser turret. Eager for fun and freedom after a long captivity in the prison mine, he quickly spent until his last $ in "Pleasure Cubes" and "Homeo Bitches".And height of stupidity he borrowed money to burn in thecasino...

"But the time has come to pay the bill.

"He made many enemies... The drug dealers have promised a big bounty, The Lazarus family want him death or alive and all Titan's corrupted cops avid of juicy bonuses are in pursuit. There is no possible way to avoid his destiny he must defeat his enemies or die.

"Your mission, get rid of your enemies and repay loans before the situation gets uncontrolable..."

Xaffax's (Original) Challenge

This is still my favorite offline challenge. Start from dead broke and no Moth and work your way up to millionaire and off of Titan.

Nar Sluke's Faction Killing Challenge

Use limited resources to kill off the faction fighters while collection agents come gunning for you.

Venom's Challenge

How long can you last with a bunch of pirates on your tail?

Ashlocke's Challenge

Collect all of the Unknown Origin on Titan.

Nar Sluke's Challenge

It's all about amnesty. Essential practice for pirates. Odd that Titan's premier trader came up with this.

Police Guard 3's Challenge

An even tougher amnesty challenge.

Venom's Hangar Challenge

Kill off the factions and blast the turrets off all armed buildings.

Lancelot's Challenge

Kill all of the cops until you get an error message.

Xaffax's Second Challenge

A collection of tasks to complete while running through the plotline in the patched game.

The Hippie Challenge

No weapons, no Fusion Cell. What could be fun about this? Plenty. A whole new way to look at Hardwar.

HARDMAN'S Challenge

See how good your pirating skills really are.

RustiSword's Hording Challenge

Keep your goods to yourself and see what happens.

RoadDemon's Challenge

An insane challenge where you horde 50 of everything on Titan and pirate everyone buying from your hangar. Play it right and it's a real dogfighting challenge.