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Get Hardwar

A page that explains the various ways to get the full game.

Ian Martin's ReadMe

The zipped readme.txt file for Ian Martin's UIM patch series. Covers patch history and features.

Ian Martin's UIM 6 Patch

The latest in Ian Martin's series of Hardwar patches. Essential for solving many XP and Vista video problems as well as an improved game economy.

Player Made Patches

Some very useful Hardwar utilities and upgrades coded by our very own loyal and greedy viewers.

OUCH's Hardwar Patcher

A very neat little cheat tool by OUCH that allows you to manipulate the performance values of Engines, Cells, and Pods. Fly a Silver-Y at 600mph. Fairly self-explanatory interface in English.

Vin D K8er's First Hardwar Diocomic - Hardwar Evolution

Vin D K8er has put together a pretty neat diocomic about Hardwar. A diocomic uses photographs of posed figures instead of drawings. It's a neat effect. 5MB download.


Ian Martin's fifth upgrade to his UIM patch series. See details in his ReadMe zipped text file.


Ian Martin's fourth patch with video upgrades.

UIM.03 Patch

This is Ian Martin's second upgrade to his original patch. It incudes crash prevention when a dead pilot is targeted from menus and some new textures.

UIM02.01 Patch

Ian Martin's update to his original patch. Includes some textures and other details.

The U2.04 Patch

A zipped version of the U2.04 patch (1.7MB). This patch gives you the new Moth, the Swallow, as well as the new Trojan weapon and clones. It is the last fully stable patch released by SR.

HardWar Upgrade Loader

A Hardwar loader by Chris that will help you manage running different versions of the game on the same machine.

timski's List Of Individual Patch Features

A comprehensive list of features provided by each of the U3.00 series of beta patches. Zipped text download available on the page.

The U3.00 Beta 1 Patch

The first of the U3.00 beta patches. It's quite stable and allows you to manufacture items in your hangar for sale or trade. More info on manufacturing here.

U3.00 Beta 2 Patch

Hire AI pilots to command. Have them kill enemies or run trade routes among other things.

U3.00 Beta 3 Patch

Improves the Terminal Interface and adds new commands. Introduces "rooms" in hangars.

U3.00 Beta 4 Patch

Adds many options for running a dedicated online server and includes new Administrator priveleges for online hosts. Also opens the tunnel between Downtown and Reservoir.

U3.00 Beta 5 Patch

Adds three new missiles - the Fumbler, Blaster, and Disabler. But, the economy on Titan is screwed up.

Hardwar Music

This zip file contains MP3s of the audio tracks from the original CDs. Some very good techno trance music.


Downloads and instructions on using the God Hangar and other Hardwar cheats.

SilverShark's Tables Of Trade Items

A very complete list of all items available on Titan along with who makes them and who buys them. This zipped file includes both an Excel .XLS file and a text version.

Saved Games For Version F2.1

Some time-saving and interesting saved games for the unpatched Hardwar version F2.1.

Saved Games For Version F2.0

Some time-saving and interesting saved games for the unpatched Hardwar version F2.0.

Wealth For U2.04 - by Valex

A saved game for version U2.04 that lets you start out with a lot of cash and other great stuff. A really good saved game for beginning experiments. The link above begins a 120 KB download for the zipped SAV file.

Offline Set Up Manual

A small zipped collection of web pages that explain how to install, configure, and play Hardwar.


Preview and download some Hardwar wallpapers to spice up your desktop.

Desktop Themes

Free to download HardWar desktop themes for windows.

Installing & Using Wallpapers and Desktop Themes

How to install and setup wallpapers and themes.

Making Wallpapers & Desktop Themes

A step by step guide to creating your own Wallpapers and Desktop Themes. Includes links to great freeware.

Hardwar Skin For WinAmp

A really good skin for WinAmp with a Hardwar theme by Quark.

ICQ Skin

Jim Kluza made this Hardwar skin for ICQ.


A Hardwar font by Rob Hawke. Please give Rob Hawke credit for making this font if you use it on your website! Note that High-Logic is the name of the company that made the font creation software Rob used, not the people who made the font. That was Rob!


A collection of cursors with a Hardwar theme by Shrekken.


A collection of Hardwar icons by Shrekken.

Shrekken Pix

Shrekken is the Hardwar Community's top grapics artist (although several others are in the running). This is a collection of some modified screenshots that make good wallpaper.

Hammer's Gallery

Top quality action screenshots by Hammer.


A multipage collection of several screenshots by various Loyal and Greedy pilots.

How To Take A Screenshot

How to take a screenshot of your Hardwar game as well as just about anything else. No special software needed.

LOG Processor

Doc Beeblebrox sent me a really neat LOG file tool. It removes a lot of "junk" entries in Hardwar game logs. This dramatically reduces the size of the LOG file without deleting any important entries.


How To Skin A Moth

How to make and use your own custom Moth skins.

Silver-Y Skins

Moon Moth Skins

Neo-Tiger Skins

Hawk Skins

Death's Head Skins

Police Moth Skins

Swallow Skins

Redeemer's Skins Pack

A collection of skins by Redeemer.

dyar1's Skin Pack

A zipped collection of skins by dyar1.

Viper's Hawk Skins

A zipped collection of Hawk skins by Viper.

Arachnid's Grey Skins

A really slick collection of grey skins for all Moths with screenshot previews available.

Foetus' Skin Pack

A collection of Foetus' latest work. Very detailed.