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Hardwar does not have cheats similiar to other games. There are no invulnerability or unlimited ammo cheats. What Hardwar does have is the God Hangar and some other neat debug functions.

The God Hangar

The God Hangar can be entered two ways. You can set a button for it just like any other function on your joystick or gamepad. Check here to learn how to do this.

The other method is to download and run HARDLUCK.EXE. This adds a Misc to the main launch menu that lets you select all sorts of functions. Check the "debug keys" checkbox and you can enter the God Hangar by pressing the "g" key anytime during play.

The inside of the God Hangar looks like other hangars. Press the Access Computer and then the God button to get to the cheat features. You can get as much money as you want using Blag Cash. Browse the stock to get a Fusion Cell, Engine #3, and any weapon on Titan. Other items are also available. The main computer screen (the one with the God button) also lets you repair your ship and install software among other things.

As you advance in the game and try to test out new ideas, the Plot Jump button and others will come in really handy.

A great trick to save you from certain death is to enter the God Hangar while under fire. This immediately transports you to the God Hangar out of harm's way where you can repair and rearm your Moth.

The God Hangar is available in online games as well, but many hosts do not want you to use it. Be a good guest and follow your host's rules.

Other Debug Keys

I like the F11 and F12 debug keys. They will let you cycle through all of the pilots on Titan. You can see what kind of Moth they're in, where they are, what they're up to, and how they're armed.

Online Player Name Cheats

You can enter specific player names when you join an online game to get a specific type of Moth. If you type in "Sheffield", for example, you'll begin with a Police Moth.

Here's the rest of the list. Remember that you begin in a Silver-Y by default:

Castleford - Moon Moth

Fangfoss - Neo-Tiger

Skipton - Hawk

Scunthorpe - Death's Head

Sheffiled - Police Moth

solidox's Patch Cheats

Hardwar hacker solidox has come across some great cheats hidden in the patched game. These are "name" cheats like the above. Just enter the following for a player name and select the Trader occupation.

bond001 - moon moth start moth

bond003 - neo tiger start moth

bond004 - hawk start moth

bond005 - death head start moth

bond006 - police start moth

You can use "zmax" to get a Hawk with Engine #3 and a Fusion Cell!

You can find a lot more data about Hardwar at solidox's site -- DARKBASE.



The premier "cheat" in Hardwar. This small program adds a new "Misc" tab on your main launch screen. Just donwload the zipped file, unzip it and run HARDLUCK.EXE. It offers a single checkbox that enables the Misc tab. Download it in zip format here. It's a mere 76 KB download.

Hangar Loop WAV

This WAV file eliminates the "Mother Ship" sound that plays when you're in a hangar. This sound drives some people nuts. This WAV is much quieter. Just unzip the file into your main Hardwar folder. This is the folder where HARDMAN.EXE is. Download here.

Paladin's Money Cheat

This is a saved game (SAV file) made by Paladin. In it you are a Dealer with some 16 million dollars. Good start.




Paladin's Money Cheat