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None of the combinations below are infallible, but they are some of the best of the best that I and other pilot's have tried.

I can't emphasize enough that all pilots should strive to be excellent flyers and be able to defeat the game-generated pilots with Plasma Kannon and Laser alone.




These combinations help you out of a losing battle before you're finished off by your opponent.

Hologram / Afterburner

The premier escaping technique. Fire the Hologram to buy time to aim toward a tunnel across the current crater you're in. Now hit the Afterburner and leave your confused opponent in the dust. If he catches up with you before your Afterburner recharges, keep running and peppering him with Laser Turret fire while firing flares and chaff as quickly as you can.

Hologram / GroundBase

The GroundBase will gain you a little more time and damage your enemy as well. A little expensive to make a habit of.

Flares / Chaff

You can fire these simultaneously while firing cannons because they each have separate triggers. If you're really taking a pounding use both Flares and Chaff to cover your behind while you're running


These combinations will diable an enemy. About the only time you need to do this is when handling Enforcers or you're just feeling mean. It's quite a challenge to disable a Moth with the weapons available on Titan.

Plasma Kannon / FireBurst

This combination will destroy a Moths engines. Without engines the Moth can't move, not even under "Emergency Thrust Power". Don't drop shields much under 30% before firing the FireBurst or you may destroy your opponent

FireBurst / Power Leech

This is a great combination to render a Moth completely helpless. Begin by dropping your opponents sheilds with a cannon or initial FireBurst. Follow up with another FireBurst to slow the Moth. Finish shields with Laser Turret, but stop shooting when shields drop. Now hammer your enemy with Power Leeches until he just freezes. Without power, he can't use his cannons, either. Remember he can still use his missiles.

FireBurst / Pulse Laser

This is another way to completely disable a Moth. Great on Enforcers. Begin by disabling your opponents engines as described above. Stip shields to around 30% and fire a FireBurst or two. Now shoot your enemy with the Pulse Laser. You will have to test to see when your enemy's weapons are down by flying near enough to let him try to attack. If your opponent has a Laser Turret, just shoot him until he is no longer shooting you with his Turret. You've got him.


The best combinations for starting a fight.

GroundBase / Anything

The GroundBase causes the initail damage and immobilizes your enemy giving you a perfect opportunity for a follow-up. I like to follow with a good shield shield stripper like Plasma Kannon or FireBurst.

Swarm / Plasma Kannon

A really good shield stripper and fight starter. A pretty good bargain, too. And, an effective favorite of the Police. The Swarm and GroundBase are preferred starters because of their long firing range.

Plasma Kannon / Laser Turret

This is the classic offline combo. I've destroyed more Moths with this weapons combination than any other. Put a missile in front of it and you've got the makings of a quick kill.


The best weapons for defending yourself from suprise attacks or in mid-dogfight.

Flares / Throttle

These may not be weapons, but they're your best initial bet when someone else starts an attack. Remember that they'll try to start an attack with a missile if they've got one. Try to get some distance between you and your attacker until you've targeted him and get your bearings. For most attacks, this will be all you need until you can attack.

Hologram / Laser Turret

Add a hologram to the beginning scenario above and you'll have plenty of time to find and fall in behind your opponent. Switch to Turret as soon as the Hologram is fired to get in a few hits while manuvering.

Laser Turret / FireBurst

This is excellent if you're enemy is in a faster Moth and is staying close. Pepper him with Turret fire until you can line up and shoot a FireBurst. The FireBurst will hurt his shields and slow him down. Now even if you have to run, you're set up to do so. Other missiles will do, but the FireBurst is best at slowing a Moth down until it can be repaired.


While one missile's reloading, why not fire another one? This is very important when your Cell's too low to afford heavy cannon use.

GroundBase / FireBurst

This will almost always destroy your enemy. In the few cases where it doesn't, your enemy is immobilized permanently from the FireBurst (or crawling).

Domino has a variation of this where he uses the FireBurst first. This has the advantage of severely damaging the target's shields before he gets "based". With low shields, most Moths will be destroyed with one GroundBase.

Sprat / FireBurst

Go in with two or three Sprats and follow-up with the FireBurst. This will drop his shields and slow him down. Give him a Sprat or two to finish him off.

GroundBase / Swarm

This is a better combination for newer pilots than the GroundBase / FireBurst above. You don't need to fly in that close to use the Swarms. Plus Swarms do plenty of hull damage once the shields are drop.

Swarm / Sprat

This budget combination is amazingly effective. Fire the Swarm first and immediately follow with Sprats. The Sprats will generally take out any countermeasures making a nice clean path for the Swarm warheads to follow.







If you've got a great weapons combination you've used in HardWar, please e-mail me. I'll give it a whirl and post it on the site.