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Editor's Note:Fedor von Bock is one of the game's brightest stars. He's come up with all sorts of good hints. This tip concerns how to keep the Police from sending Enforcers after you. I've done this by accident, but never really figured out what I had done. Thanks to Fedor von Bock for clearing things up.

I seem to have found a way to stop the police.
The method is:
1.) Shoot an innocent.

2.) Destroy the police moth which is sent after you.

3.) Kill the next police moth with a devastator.

4.) Do not kill any pirates.

In greater detail, shooting the innocent starts the police processing you, and you get a 'your attack' message. This takes 24 Titan hours. When this is up, a 'warning' message arrives. The police will now attack you. If you kill a police moth, you get the 'lost in action' message. If you then kill the new police moth with a devastator, no more police moths are sent after you. 'There is no fine', and attacking innocents does not produce any 'your attack', or 'your relentless attack' messages.
The police don't bother you again...
unless you attack a pirate. You then get a 'record cleared' message, and the police start functioning normally once more.
If you fly around with UO in your pod, pirates don't attack you either, and if you have killed all the taxis (thanks for this idea), you have free reign over slaughtering the faction transports. You can also freely kill gang transports, if you don't go to close to Scrubbers Alpha, or take out Scrubber Guards A1, A2, A3 hiding there.
This can even all be achieved with resorting to cheats or the God Hangar!
As an aside, pirates don't seem to be worth bounty or cause your record to clear if they attack you first. However, if a pirate attacks you, and you run away to a police station wanted list, retarget the villain and then kill him, you get the bounty. However, just targetting someone else, then retargetting the pirate doesn't seem to work. Further study needs to be done. Every pirate has a bounty (except for Smokie China).
Also, the pirate names are:
Unique pirate names: Rex Darkmane, Max Blackfoot, Jade Falcon, Lord Nicon, Crash Override, Zero Cool, Silas Maul, Old Sid Rustback, Ron Brightblade and Acid Burn. Smokie China is a special pirate - he starts in Alpha Construction, and has no hangar, nor is he wanted by the police at the start of the game. His instructions on the debug keys however indicate he is a pirate, as does his behaviour.
Random pirate names always have predictable first names: Don, Ian, Jake, Rex, Ciaran, Dean, Rik, Elric, Darius, Claude, Harry, Saul, April, Iris and May.
There may be others, but I think this is most of them.
Also, beware shooting these: Fil Deathbeard, Zrook Warburst, Acrid Habit. They are scavengers. Also, Max is a common scavenger first name, so only Max Blackfoot is a pirate.
I also read on your site that the pirates respawn at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00. I checked when the other moths respawn - scavengers respawn at these times in scavenger hangars, and traders respawn at these times at trading posts. Skinner and Scrubber transports respawn at the same times at their HQs.
That's all for now
PS How do you take screen shots?
PPS I also recently found a taxi with a tac-nuke. I tried very hard to get him to shoot it at me, but I didn't manage it.

Fedor von Bock

Handling Enforcers