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Maulkye's Survial Tips

- If you are involved in heated combat and you are very low on shields but for some reason cannot or must not run there is one really good tactic for survival. Find buildings. Lots of them. I had trouble involving buildings in dogfights at first, but that because I was trying to hard to use them in complex flight patterns. Enemy AI moths don't tend to move as fast or follow as closely as human players. If you pull some stunt through some struts and beside a building, you'll only be patting yourself on the back until you realize that the guy following you just took a long turn around the building and is shooting at you, not tangled up in the path you left. Instead take a simple approach. Use the radar to determine where the enemy ship is and just place yourself where a building is between you. The AI moths have a hell of a time dealing with obstacles and take forever to get around them. This buys you time to regroup and helps a lot if you engaged by multiple enemies.

- Another tip is to try to start or draw engagements near a crater wall of large structure. The AI's aren't nearly as acrobatically inclined as us hard core pilots and tend to slam into walls and objects while running from or chasing you. One they do that, you got em.

- If engaging with energy weapons and initiating the combat, begin the encounter from behind and *very* close. You should be able to almost terminate them before they turn. If they are near a wall they'll probably hit it and be dead immediately.

- Another interesting thing I like to do, is ram my enemies. If they have low shields and you are 100% you can ram kill them (doesn't actually count as a kill)

- I've also noticed that killing someone with a devastator on first shot does not register as a kill. Good way to get rid of those pesky police without reentering the 'wanted' stage.

-- Maulkye

Alpha Crater Tips

Go to the alpha crater (the one with all the laz factories and the bottle shaped stone figure in front of the tunnel coming from downtown, i dont know if you ever noticed that)... anyway go to alpha and just sit around the lightwell by the police station or just above the laz factories and manufacturing plants and whatever else... i have noticed that after matter and trigger starts showing up (and fusion parts) and right before you get the gang boy mission or whatever comes after *decoy required* mission this alpha crater area just gets HOT! always a fight, ALWAYs. well ok.. 80% of the time i pass by... and if you sit there and hunt and scavenge expensive cargo (ususally from gang and laz transports that get mistakebly hit by pirates, which then get obliterated by laz patrols and guards in the area).. and there is a lightwell nearby for all your recharging... buying a hangar near the lightwell is a good investment too.. because you will get some profit from all the fighting and also you can hide there if you are too full of good cargo you have picked up..... this is a good place but not as nearly as good as my previously mentioned riverside drug run (killing anyone with drugs or booze and selling to waterfront or the slum).. well thats it for now..

-- Venom

Drone Tip

Insta-drone-return - tired of waiting for that drone? tired of leaving the spot and make the drone follow you around for the sake of not being blown up to bits as soon as the drone docks with that valuable load? well i have a better idea.. its a little risky but it has never let me down.... when releasing the drone.. get close to your load (what you should always do for the fastest pick-ups.. but position yourself so that the TOP PART OF YOUR MOTH is FACING the drone.. or the top half of your windshield at least... when the drone is coming back as soon as it touches you (the top part of your moth) it instantly docks! so no more waiting for whatever that drone is doing under your moth!

-- Venom

Timski's Monorail Tips

Some initial observations on the monorail:

1. Pressing n while on a monorail vehicle or waiting on the platform will tell you where all the monorail cars are - this should give some idea of how long you have to wait.

2. Dwell times at stations at shown as 10 seconds when onboard, but are actually 10 minutes in real game time. This may be a bug?

3. The lazarus and klamp-g mine monorail terminals are actually in completely different places to their respective hangars, however there is no apparent delay in transferring between the monorail terminals and the hangars. That's the beauty of computer games, I guess.

4. I can not swear by it, but I think that in previous versions the monorail used to stop at the Abandoned Terminal (Port) and the 'minerals' terminal just to the south-west of the Vacant 0030 stop. Now the monorail just keeps on going through these stations.

5. Vacant 0030 has re-introduced the Victorian concept of the private railway station. You can not enter the hangar by moth unless you own the hangar. You can, however, leave a monorail train at Vacant 0030 and hire a taxi from Vacant 0030.

6. Start positions at the beginning of the game for monorail vehicles are:

(a) Highrise Monorail Depot, heading for Downtown

(b) Alpha Depot, heading for Downtown

(c) Port Abandoned Terminal, heading for Downtown

(d) Gamma Monorail Depot, heading for Downtown

(e) Jupiter Four, Reservoir, heading for Downtown.

7. The taxi firms do not recognise monorail stations as important destinations - they will only pick you up from a monorail station. Given this, and my earlier observation on monorail frequency, I still maintain the taxi pilots are having the last laugh. ;-)

Tim (aka Timski)

JSWY's Tips

1) If you wish to Pirate for fun (I like killing Klamp transports) and don't bother with the stuff they drop Fit a Neo-Tiger moth with death dealing weaponry but don't give it a cargo pod, you can now fly 450mph+ I use this stratigy because most Klamp Guards have Neo-Tigers with no pod and the speed and manuvreablity the less weight gives you allows you to get in loads of hits in the "Spiral of Death"

2) After priating Klamp-G ships for ages, I relised that their fighting style is different to Laz and Pirates. Since most Klamp ships use Laser as their primary weapon, they try to come straight at you, and if they are behind you, you are in deep crap. Because they have no cargo pods, turning around them can be tricky. DO NOT use a Death-Head, unless you can turn very sharply.

Kirby (A.K.A JSWY)

Hayami's Tip

I don't know if you've thought of this:

Use the F5 key on someone to see if they have a laser turret, if they do they're a pirate. You can use this to find pirates who stole some goods and target them without having to worry about amnesty. This can also be used to find targets that will get you amnesty.

-- Hayami

Hayami's Online Quick Buck Tip

Profitable Mothe Hopping - Go to any place where a moth for hopping is available. Fly it to your hanger and remove the Pod, Drone, Etc. and return them moth. Sell all the goodies for a huge profit. If you have a spare Cell 1 in your hanger and the moth you hopped has a better Cell, switch them and then return it, that way you can sell the Cell too. You can make all kinds of money this way!


Mad Max's Pirate Tip

Pirates tend to use only medium pods.

-- Mad Max

Find A Pirate Tip

If you need to find pirates, just get buy some valuable cargo and fly around. Target the pirates as they target you. Now sell the stuff and go back and kill the pirates.

-- Jack Ass (aka Youra Loser)

Selling Bodyparts

Darklord and others have reported that there are great profits to be had selling Bodyparts in hangars along the gang transports' trade route with the aliens. Darklord has made a fortune selling Bodyparts for over $2000 from Gamma H3. Selling Bodyparts in Downtown05 has worked for me. It seems there's a desperate need for Bodyparts anywhere between Skinner and Scrubber HQs and the Port Tunnel in Downtown.