Katz On Cells & Shields

by Tom Katz


Prison Oubliette











I have always wondered how much time does it take for a cell to recharge. A couple of years ago I thought:"The higher the cell level the better the cell." But I was only partially right especially after Hardwar Updates higher than 1.2. Why? Because Cell #4 is now trash.

But at least I was right that if you upgrade your Power Software you'll recharge faster. Even thought I was 100 per cent sure in this I made a little test. And it revealed some very interesting facts. I have to inform You that all tests were made with:

Moth:Neo Tiger
Engine:Level #1
Software:Only Power
No Cargo Pod, no Drone fitted.
software level/charging time/discharge time(with LASER only)

Cell #1: Level 0 more than 3minutes 58seconds
Level 1 ~2m 40s 58s
Level 2 ~1m 45s 58s
Level 3 ~1m 15s 58s

Cell #2:
Level 0 more than 3minutes 1m 55s
Level 1 ~2m 40s 1m 55s
Level 2 ~1m 45s 1m 55s
Level 3 ~1m 15s 1m 55s

Cell #3: Level 0 ~1m 35s 58s
Level 1 ~1m 58s
Level 2 ~45s 58s
Level 3 ~30s 58s

Cell #4: Level 0 ~1m 40s 42s
Level 1 ~1m 20s 42s
Level 2 ~52s 42s
Level 3 ~40s 42s

Important notes: I am sure You can make some notes from here by yourself, Captain Zedo, but I want to underline some curious facts: There is no mistake that charging time of Cell #1 and #2 match and discharge time of #1 and #3 are the same. They are just programmed that way.And the level of the Power Software affects only charging time (and interface in HUD) it does NOT change discharge rate. I can't solve the mistery around Cell #4, though. The test shows that it's trash.

In conclusion to cells:

1.Cell #1 is reasonable for the money it costs.

2.Cell #2 is good if your energy supply has to last long. It is not recommended if you have many enemies because of the time you will have to wait at Lightwells.

3.Cell #3 is recommended for pilots who cannot afford losing time at Lightwells or have a lot of enemies.

4.Cell #4 - Only good as a trading item. Not to be fitted!


The link between hardware and software here is that the shield protects everything. Same test conditions:

Shield Level 0-NO CHARGE RATE! Depletes very quick.

Shield Level 1-Charges from nothing to full for about 3m 50sec. Does not last long under heavy fire. At most 7 seconds with Laser.

Shield Level 2-Charging rate is the same 3m 50sec. Lasts about 10 or less under heavy fire.

Shield Level 3-3m 50s charging time. It is drained almost as fast as the other two but lasts about 15 seconds only laser.

I found almost no difference between shield levels. But one thing is for sure:They save your life.