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Flyer's Retreat

Flyer's Retreat is both a bar and a Moth repair shop. It's in the Gamma Crater right beneath Gamma Cops near Light Well #8. It's easiest to find by entering Gamma and then targeting the Gamma Cops from your Local Services Menu. It's below Gamma Cops with the hangar door facing Light Well #8.

Flyer's Retreat will buy all of your contraband items like Alcohol, Huskar Cigars, and Narcotics for top dollar. They never seem to run out of money and they keep their payout for contraband high. They're a strongly preferred buyer overall when compared to the other bars.

They also buy Food. The sell contraband items, food, and you can get your Moth repaired there.

General Industrial

General Industrial manufactures Narcotics, one of the most valuable trade items on Titan. They are located in the Riverside Crater just across the river from Riverside Cops/The Slum. Find them by targeting Riverside Cops from your Local Services Menu and then just looking across the river and just to the right. The hangar door faces the river.

General Industrial buys Chemicals and produces Narcotics. One of the easiest trade routes on Titan is to buy Narcotics at General Industrial and selling them just across the river at The Slum. Note to fellow Pirates: Keep an eye out for traders entering General Industrial. They'll probably be leaving with a load of Narcotics for you to pirate.

Waterfront Booze

Waterfront Booze makes Alcohol and is Located in the Riverside Crater. The easiest way to find it is to enter Riverside from Gamma and just go straight out the tunnel and fly steady. Waterfront Boozed will be just off to the right. The hangar door will be to the building's left using this approach.

Waterfront Booze buys Chemicals and Pure Water. It sells the Alcohol it produces.

The Afterdark

The Afterdark is located Downtown near the entrance to the Alpha Tunnel. You can find it by entering Downtown from Alpha and then heading toward the entrance to the Highrise Tunnel. It will be just to the left of this flight path and above you. The hangar door will be facing you.

The Afterdark is in a line of buildings whose height begins at ground level and eventually rises to stall level. The Afterdark is the second highest building in this line. It's very handy to learn to find The Afterdark quickly without having to target it. It's almost directly behind Psycho Bob's 1 and can be spotted from there.

Like most bars, The Afterdark buys Alcohol, Narcotics, Food, and Huskar Cigars. They pay well and sell overstocked items. They make a good alternative to trying to run to pirate infested Haven to sell to The Shanty Inn. They sometimes get completely stocked up on a particular item, but I've not known them to run out of money. A reliable buyer overall.

The Shanty Inn

The Shanty Inn is located in Haven near the entrance to the Alpha Tunnel. It's easily found by entering Haven from Alpha and making a sharp left after exiting the tunnel.

They buy the usual Alcohol, Narcotics, Huskar Cigars, and Food. They pay top dollar and always seem to need things and never seem to run out of cash. This is probably because it's very dangerous to trade with them. Haven is swarming with pirates most of the time, so expect to be fired upon when running to The Shanty Inn.

Jupiter 4

Jupiter 4 is located in the Resevoir Crater beneath Resevoir Central. You can find it by targeting Resevoir Central from your Local Services Menu and flying beneath it. Jupiter 4's hangar door faces the dam wall.

Jupiter 4 is a monorail station as well as a bar. You can follow the monorail track from the Riverside Tunnel to find it. They buy Alcohol, Narcotics, Huskar Cigars, and Food. They sell their overstock. One of the oldest established trade routes is running Huskar Cigars between Bill Moritz's hangar (in the resevoir lake in the Macro complex) and Jupiter 4.

The Waterfront

The Waterfront is located in the Riverside Crater and shouldn't be confused with Waterfront Booze. The Waterfront is a bar and buys Alcohol, Narcotics, Huskar Cigars. To confuse things more, a nice little trade route is carrying Alcohol between Waterfront Booze to the nearby The Waterfront bar.

The Waterfront is right on the River with the hangar door facing South. It's across from Riverside Real Estate. If you exit the real estate hangar, The Waterfront will be ahead and just to the left right across the river.

They're a good customer that rarely runs out of money or gets overstocked on anything. They occassionally have some good bargains on their overstock. They're generally a better place to sell contraband than The Slum, but not as good as Flyer's Retreat.

The Slum

The Slum is in Riverside right beneath the Riverside Cops. The hangar door faces the river which is opposite the direction of the Riverside Cops entrance. The easiest way to find the Slum is to target Riverside Cops and just go around to The Slum's hangar.

The Slum buys Alcohol, Narcotics, and Huskar Cigars. It's right across the river from General Industrial -- Titan's premier manufacturer of Narcotics. This makes a sweet, quick trade run if you've got enough cash to buy Narcotics.

The Slum is not always a preferred customer as they don't pay as well as The Waterfront or Flyer's Retreat, but their location and easy entrance make them an important place to consider when under attack.

Trader's Rest

Trader's Rest

The Trader's Rest is in the Highrise Crater near the entrance to the Downtown Tunnel and Scrubber's Xchng. The easiest way to find it is to enter Highrise from Downtown and then bear just to the right of Scrubber's Xchng (right in front of you). It's in a tall tower similiar to Scrubber's HQ that's behind it. This is the approach used in the screenshot above.

Trader's Rest buys the usual bar stuff: Narcotics, Alcohol, and Huskar Cigars. They sell their overstock.

Special thanks to Zaznorff for finding this place. I must have passed it hundreds of times and never noticed it. The screenshot above was taken by Zaznorff.