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Psycho Bob's 1

Psycho Bob's 1 is located in the Downtown Crater near the entrance to the Alpha Crater Tunnel. Hang around the tunnel's entrance and you'll be able to target Psycho Bob's 1 from your Local Services Menu.

Psycho Bob's 1 is important when you're running the missions as well as a good place to buy and sell any sort of weapon. Besides weapons, Psycho Bob buys and sells Flares, Drones, and Food.

Psycho Bob's 2

Psycho Bob's 2 is located in the Downtown Crater in the Trade Central Complex. It is available through your Local Services Menu when you are near Trade Central. Otherwise, you're apt to get Psycho Bob's 1 instead. In this case, just target Trade Central and you'll quickly be able to find Psycho Bob's without retargeting at all. It's between Downtown Estates and Trade Central.

Psycho Bob's 2 offers the same items as Psycho Bob's 1: Sprats, Swarms, occassional high-end missiles, cannons, and drones. They buy what they sell as well as Food. They always have extensive weapons' needs and pay well for them, but it's risky running weapons between the manufacturers and Bob's. Psycho Bob's 2 is where Syd works. You may see him in a video sometime.

Dr. Jobe's

Dr. Jobe's makes specialty weapons like Holograms and Groundbase missiles. He's located in the Gamma Crater near the monorail depot there. To find Dr. Jobe's, just follow the monorail track to the depot and then look around. His business will have the usual skull logo found on other weapons shops like Psyho Bob's.

Dr. Jobe's buys a variety of items: Gems, Sheet Metal, ExMetal, Plastics, and Explosives. He's a great buyer when you have these items in the Gamma Crater. (The Gamma Trading Post is the absolutely worst place to sell things on Titan.) He sells some of the most exotic and sought after weapons on Titan like FireBurst and Underkills.

Downtown Munitions

Downtown Munitions is in the Downtown Crater right across from Downtown Moths. Their hangar doors face each other. To find the complex both are in, target Police HQ, go there and then turn toward the entrance to the Highrise Tunnel. You'll fly right over the complex. Most of the building there are businesses with "Downtown" in their names.

Downtown Munitions sells high-end missiles like FireBurst and Groundbase, as well as Holograms and the occassional Drone. They are a weapons manufacturer and, unlike Psycho Bob, buy intermediate items with which to make weapons. They regularly buy Gems, Sheet Metal, ExMetal, Plastics, and Explosives.

Downtown Munitions, along with Dr. Jobes, become very important if a common shortage of Plasma Kannons occurs and you need one. Trading with Downtown Munitions (or Dr. Jobe's) will cause them to produce various weapons.

Lazarus Weapons Shop

Lazarus Weapons Shop is located in the Highrise Crater directly above the Highrise Trading Post. The easiest way to find it is to enter Highrise and target Highrise Trading Post. Now look up and there's Lazarus Weapons Shop.

The Lazarus Weapons Shop is much like Psycho Bob's, but without much stock. Sprats, Swarms, and Flares are about all you can count on finding here. They don't manufature weapons so they don't buy intermediate goods, but they'll buy finished weapons and Food. Best used for a quick topping up of Flare or Sprats.

Resevoir Central

Resevoir Central is in the Resevoir Crater and can be targeted from your Local Services Menu. It's a cross between a Moth repair shop and a retail weapons dealer. An important bar, the Jupiter 4, is located directly beneath them. Jupiter 4 is a monorail station, too.

Resevoir Central will buy any weapons you find. They don't manufacture their own weapons, so they don't purchase intermediate goods. They also buy Drones, Pods, Food, and Cells. Anything they don't buy can be sold nearby at Resevoir Trading.

Klamp-G Weapons

Klamp-G Weapons is in the Riverside Crater and can be targeted from the Local Services Menu. They sell Sprats, Swarms, Laser, Drones. They have good deals on Plasma Kannons and high-end missiles from time to time.

They buy weapons, but not stuff like Gems and ExMetal to make weapons with. Pretty much they buy what they sell and pay as least as well as Psycho Bob for your trouble.

Klamp-G Weapons is a good place to target because it's in the center of so many other useful places like Riverside Parts and Riverside Construction.

Specialty Arms

Specialty Arms is in the Highrise Crater. It's a little tricky to find. Try entering Highrise from Downtown. Target Highrise Trading Post and then fly to the left of the Trading Post. You'll pass a Conurbation and The Squat. After you've passed the hill that Highrise Trading Post is on, start looking around to your right and you should be able to see a tall building with a flat face. That's Specialty Arms and the hangar doors are midway up on that flat face.

You might also try entering Highrise from Downtown and heading toward Resevoir and looking to your right. You can also exit the Highrise Trading Post and fly left around the post while looking right.

Specialty Arms sells high-end weapons like FireBurst, Holograms, Underkills. They're a great source for Groundbase and many pirates in Highrise use Groundbase.

Specialty Arms buys Gems, ExMetal, Sheet Metal, Plastics, and Explosives. They run out of money frequently, so they make a much better supplier than customer.