Attacking Multiple Moths


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As a rule, you want to avoid getting in a fight with more than one Moth at a time. If a group attacks you, you should defend yourself and run as described Mulitple Attacks. It's quite a challenge to defeat two or three Moths that already have the drop on you.

There are times however when you want to attack several Moths at one time. Killing off a faction is one example. Killing off the Police Enforcers is another. In these cases, attacking multiple Moths is unavoidable. The biggest advantage you have is preparation.

Always outfit and arm your Moth to the teeth before attacking multiple Moths. Pick your Moth for speed in case you have to run. I like the Neo-Tiger, Swallow, and Police Moth. Try using a Moon Moth for a real challenge.

Pick your weapons wisely. Go for quick kills. Using Devastators is almost too easy. I like Swarms and FireBurst along with Plasma Kannon, Turret, and Laser. You should be stocked up on Chaff and consider Holograms.

As a major defensive weapon I like Holograms. Groundbase are a good choice, too. I find that using Groundbase in a multiple attack is too slow because I have to re-site my target after they go down. Groundbase, however, can really save your bacon by moving attackers out of the way and getting you out of their target sites.

I prefer Holograms because they effect all of the attackers at once. This will give you time to re-target, run, or fall behind a particualrly cagey foe.

Don't carry a pod, they slow you down and hurt your manuverablility.

Picking Your First Target

Once armed to the teeth, you can approach your enemies. If there is no reason for them to pick a fight with you, take your time to find an enemy that's away from the crowd and center of the crater. I look for a lone Patrol when I'm attacking factions.

I may follow my initial target around a little to see if he'll go to a nice private place with plenty of obstacles and escape routes. A little bit of patience can really pay off here. Beware attacking an enemy in a Light Well. You can't afford to stay stationary while his friends blast you. Select a moving foe for starters.

If your enemies are looking for you and will attack first, approach them and constantly use the "Next Target" function ("y" key by default) to target the nearest one. Try to get in the first hit.

First Targeted, First Dead

In HardWar, the best multiple attack strategy is to pick a target and kill it before moving on to another target. Trying to spread out a little damage is okay as a defense before running, but not very effective for destroying several Moths. Pick a target and destroy it before targeting another.

Of course, the problem is that your target's friends are going to be blasting you. You should minimize this damage by staying on the run. Never stop. If you stay with your target, you'll be moving in the same evasive manner he is, this will have the benefit of throwing your attackers off track as well.

The important thing to remember is to pick a target and stay with it until it's destroyed. Going from one target to another rarely works well except in preparation to break off the fight and flee the scene.

Obstacles & The "Line"

You can "lead" your target with your attack. All AI (and smart human) pilots will steer away from your attack. When you're behind your opponent, fly and attack slightly to one side and the enemy will be forced to turn to the other side.

You can use this to drive your opponent into a cluster of building or other obstacles. This has two big advantages. First, the obstacles provide you with cover from the other attacking Moths. Secondly, bumping into the obstacles will damage your target.

Another tactic to consider is to put all of your enemies in a single line leading from you. Use your radar to set this up. The idea is to fly in a straight line to get all of your enemies behind you. In this position, the rearmost enemy cannot hit you without hitting one of his allies.

This means that only the nearest, and easiest to target, enemy has an open line to fire on you. This is an advanced tactic that takes practice, but it works like a dream both offensively and defensivly.

Next Up

After you've killed your first target, quickly hit the "Next Target" key and attack the nearest enemy. It's always the nearest enemy that's the biggest threat because he has the best chance of hitting you.

Now attack this enemy as if you were in single combat with him. When he's dead, repeat until you've killed all your enemies.

The only two exceptions to targeting the nearest enemy rule are:

There's already an enemy Moth ahead of you either closing or flying away (you're behind him already). Target these with the "Target" function ("t" key by default). Attack!

One of your enemies is much better armed than the others. This happens a lot when killing off factions. You'll be attacking a Patrol Neo-Tigers with Sprats when, all of the sudden, you get hit with a Swarm. A faction Attack ship has appeared. It's imperative that you kill this Moth quickly as it is much better armed than the Patrols.

When To Run

You don't win them all and it's always better to escape a battle than to die. In other words, retreat, repair, and rearm yourself.

When to run is really a personal matter, but the three factors to consider are universal:

Moth Condition -- How badly damaged are you? How are your shields? Can you duck in a hangar and top up your shields, or do you need to really run off for repairs?

Weapons Stock -- How well armed are you relative to your attackers? Do you have enough countermeasures or Holograms in case of emergency?

Ease Of Escape -- How easy will it be to run? How much damage will you take before you're free? The more difficult your escape will be, the earlier you need to run.

Use Tunnels

Use tunnels to trap your enemies. Fake an escape by going through a tunnel. Wait a while on the other side monitoring your enemies movements with target view (F5) and radar. When one enters the tunnel, attack and bump him into a wall.

Keep bumping subsequent attackers into each other and the tunnel walls until you have them immobilized. Now finish them off.

Advanced Tactics

Basic Dogfighting