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The idea is to hoard as many goods as possible before selling them.

You must have a fully equipped Top of the Range moth (Neo-Tiger, Swallow, Police Moth) one hangar (@ least) and have a cool million in your account before 100 days.

Start with a basic Silver-Y Moth. Smallest pod, drone, 10,000 cash etc

You are only allowed to sell scrap metal.
* You are NOT allowed to trade.
* You are NOT allowed to use loan-services.
* You are NOT allowed to use God-Hangar or Strip/ Use abandoned moths.

You may also gain money by using your hangar[s] repair facilities and through pirating/bounty hunting.

You are only allowed to store your booty in one hangar only of your choice. If you wish to move your goods from one hangar to another you may do so but EVERYTHING must be moved before you can resume hoarding.

You may have multiple hangars.

You may use F-12 Debug to find good cargoes and pirates for pillaging.

You can only purchase a new Moth once youíve reached the cool half million mark however you can upgrade your standard moth as much as you like. You may use clones.

You may use any equipment you hoard, i.e: Afterburners Plasma Kannons, celles etc (but you do lose their selling potential.)

Once you have the required amount of goodies you may sell them but ONLY to the highest bidder, you may NOT sell anything even scrap metal in Trading Posts/ Centers. You may use Trade Posts for looking up buyers and sellers but that is all. When you do sell your goods you have to sell the lot all in one go, to different people if necessary but always starting with the highest bidder. Once all goods of that type are sold they you start all over again with that item.

You may NOT sell goods from your hangar to the public, only repair services.

Storyline/ Plot related cargo is off limits, ie: Unknown Origin, Triggers, Matter, Bodyparts. (These goods can only be sold in TCís and that is off limits.) However Fusion Parts and Fusion Cells are acceptable.

On day 100 you may sell EVERYTHING to get your finances up, however if you still havenít got the cool million and other required goodies then you still have failed.

List of goods and quantity needed.

Popular Consumables: Narcotics, Booze and Food 100 units,

Weapons #01: All Lazers: 20 units.

Weapons #02 All missiles: 30 units.

Equipment: All Cells, Afterburners, Pods/ Drones Lazer Turrets 10 units

Special Items: Fusion Parts, Fusion Cells and Huskar Cigars 30 units

Mundane Items: Plastics, Chemicals, Explosives, Ore, Gems, Pure Water. 30 units

Building Materials: Constmat, Sheet Metal, Ex-Metal 70 units

Sounds easy, trust me it isnít, this challenge requires patience, and the ability to fly like the wind when you are trying to sell a pod full of narcotics to Shanty Inn, with nothing but a Silver-Y with all of MOís pirate clans coming for ya! Also watch for cops, if you take up pirating and Iím sure you will chances are you wont be able to pay the fines. Watch out for the cop enforcers.

Iíve done this challenge only by the skin of my teeth, my end result at around midnight Day 100 is one, Neo-Tiger, Large Pod, all Software/ Equipment. 1,023,487 money. Two hangars (Downtown 05 and Crash Hangar in Gamma) and been shot down once.


A clone may come in handy, just have enough to buy a new moth!

There are several areas you can use to hide your booty before you can buy a hangar.

Donít advance the plot beyond the Klamp Decoy mission, because the variation of goods transported about by the AI pilots is far better. Besides collecting the 5000 reward money is allowed but donít be tempted to collect it, makes it a little more of a challenge!

Put the Greed back into MO again!

-- Rusti-Swordz ;-)

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When you successfully complete Challenge, e-mail me about your accomplishment with some notes about your struggle. I'll post your name and a link to your notes on this page.