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Killing has its consequences on Titan. When you kill another pilot, you may get rewards and you may get a price put on your own head. Learning how to get amnesty from factions you've offended is an essential survival skill. Pirates, particularly, must be experts at regaining the good favor of the Police and other factions that they've pirated.

Friendly Fire

You get on a faction's bad side by attacking one of their Moths. Hitting a Moth once does not register as an attack. AI pilots won't attack you and you won't be put on anyone's "Enemies" list. You get one, and only one, free shot before an attack is registered and you've become the enemy of someone. Now you need to know about the consequences of your attack and how to right the situation by gaining amnesty from the offended faction.


The Police

You'll get on the Police "Wanted List" for attacking an innocent pilot like a trader. If you stay on the Wanted List for one "Hardwar" day, the Police will send out a Police Enforcer after you. If you attack a Police Moth for any reason, an Enforcer will be immediately dispatched to claim your head. These are the best AI pilots in the game and their flying the arguably best dogfighter on Titan. The odds won't be in your favor.

Further infractions against innocent pilots will increase your bounty. A bounty at the $2000 level may make you the target of some independent pilots. This is infrequent, but it does happen. These are generally pirates turned bounty-hunter.


The Laz and Klamp will put you on their Enemies List for attacking any of their faction's Moths. In the original version of Hardwar, you can get on a faction's Enemies List by attacking their related gang. Skinners are related to the Lazarus Family and the Scrubbers are realted to Klamp-G.

Once made an enemy of a faction, they will attack you anytime you enter one of the craters under their control. The Lazarus Family control Alpha, Highrise, and the area of the Mines around the Light Well as well as their own mine. Klamp-G controls Gamma and Riverside, as well as their mines in the Mines Crater. On occassion, faction patrols will follow you into other craters once they have you targeted.

Your bounty at the factions increases with both time and further attacks on their ships. Their is no time limit and they do not send out Enforcers. They do, however, become increasingly persistent in following you once they target you in one of their craters.


Skinners and Scrubbers only put you on their Enemies List if you attack one of their ships, generally a transport carrying valuable alien cargo. In the original version of Hardwar, attacking Gang Moths will also incur the wrath of their associated faction. This does not work in reverse. If you attack a Laz or Klamp Moth, you will not be put on the relative Gang's Enemies List. You can only get on a Gang's Enemies List by attacking that Gang's Moths.

The Gangs send Gang Enforcers in Death's Heads to deal with you if you're a chronic problem. I've not had too much trouble with their Enforcers. Generally one of their Enforcers will appear if you're in a crater where they have hangars. The hangars themselves will fire at you as well. They are a pretty weak threat overall.

Finance Companies

MisOp Finance and Charlie Wadsworth will send out their private "collection agents" in Death's Heads to kill you if you don't pay a loan off, in full, within a day of the due date. These Enforcers will hound you into any crater and can become a dangerous nusiance.


Pirates may turn bounty hunter if you have a high enough price on your head. If you've gone without getting faction or gang amnesty for some time, you might get an independent pilot or two gunning for you. It's best just to kill these pirates. Duck in a hangar first so they'll quit targeting you. Now exit and kill them and you may recieve needed amnesty yourself.


There are two ways to obtain amnesty. The first is by killing another enemy of the offended faction. This works for all factions and gangs. Kill one of their enemies, and they'll clear your record and send you a message saying so. The police offer you a second choice: You can pay a fine. The fines are large and not very economical for an up and coming Lord of Titan. Try to find and kill pirates instead.

The police are the easiest faction to obtain amnesty from, thank goodness. All you need to do is kill any pirate. If you are a new pilot, it's a good idea to go to a police station and lock in five or more criminals from their Wanted List (before you get in trouble). This will help you get quick amnesty when you need it. Essential for up and coming Pirates. Old hats learn to recognize pirates by their pilot name alone. Rex Darkbeard is a pirate. So is Iris Moonblade. With some experience bounty hunting, you'll be able to recognize pirates by their name alone in no time. This is a very handy skill to develop.

There is a paradox in getting amnesty. The paradox is in finding out who you need to kill to gain amnesty. Remember that once you're the enemy of a faction, you cannot access their Enemies List. If you don't happen to have some of their known enemies locked in your Pilots' Menu, and you usually won't, this poses a really big problem for which there are two approaches. You can kill pirates until you finally come across one that provides the needed amnesty, or, you can run Double Amnesty.


Two Important Principles

So you've really gotten yourself into a muck by killing a faction ship or running a mission and now you're on the bad side of the Laz or Klamp. You can't get to their enemies list and you don't have any of their known enemies locked into your Pilots' Menu. Are you forever banned from their craters? No. You can gain amnesty in two simple steps based on the Two Great Principles of Amnesty:

Killng the enemy of a faction will clear your record.

Laz and Klamp are always each other's enemies.

An Overview

If you're only on the bad side of one faction, you can go to the other, "friendly", faction's hangars and target some independent pilots who are enemies of the friendly faction. Now kill one of the friendly faction's Moths.

This will get you the amnesty you needed originally, but the friendly faction will now post you as an enemy and will attack you. You've merely reversed your position, but there is an essential difference: The independent pilots you locked in are enemies of the faction currently gunning for you.

You should quickly target and attack the independent pilots you just locked in. Killing one of these will get you amnesty from the originally friendly faction. Now your record is clear all the way around in two kills.

An Example

Lets say you've just run the *Klamp Decoy* mission early in a game. This mission makes you an enemy of the Lazarus Family. You want to get back on Laz's good side so you can readily access their craters, particularly Alpha and The Mines. Here's how to do it:

First go into Gamma and go to any Klamp facility, like Klamp-G Arms, and access their Enemies List from the hangar's computer. Now scan for independent pilots. It doesn't really to you any good to target any of the Laz pilots listed, because you'll just end up back where you are. You want pilots not affiliated with any faction or gang to target. Lets say we find and target Rex Darkmane, a known pirate and, in this example, an enemy of Klamp-G as well.

Lock Rex into your Pilots' Menu and then exit the hangar. Look for a Klamp ship to attack. That's right. You're going to attack the Klamp Moth to get amnesty from Laz and then kill Rex to get amnesty from Klamp. I'd head toward Midway and attack a Klamp Trans. They're in slower Hawks as opposed to the faster patrols in Neo-Tigers. (And, they may have salvageable cargo to pirate as well.)

Kill the Klamp Moth and you'll recieve amnesty from Laz. The first part of the job is done. Now quickly target and kill Rex Darkmane from Klamp-G's Enemies List. Now you've gotten Klamp amnesty and neither faction is gunning for you. Your record is clear with everyone.

The only real problem that comes up with this is that the friendly faction (the one not gunning for you) doesn't have any independent pilots listed as enemies. This is common before the gang transports start running bodyparts for nuclear goods. In this case, try killing one of the friendly faction's Moths to get amnesty from the other faction. Now try running double amnesty from the other side. This means an extra dogfight, but it's the best shot you've got. NOTE: The Laz almost always have more enemies than Klamp-G.

In our previous example, lets say that Klamp-G doesn't have any independent pilots listed as enemies. There is no Rex Darkmane. Go ahead and kill a Klamp Trans anyway and run to a Laz held crater like Alpha. Now check to see if Laz has any independent pilots as enemies. I'll bet they do. Now run double amnesty from the Laz side by killing a Laz Moth and then any independent Laz enemy you have locked in your Pilots' Menu.

Get very, very good at getting amnesty. This is the second key to Piracy which is the quickest, surest way to obtain great wealth on Titan. Money is only worthwhile if you survive to spend it.


Narcotron has come up with a good way to get faction amnesty. In his example, he's killed a Laz ship and has amnesty from Klamp. Now he uses the technique below to get both Laz and Klamp amnesty in one event:

1) Buy a hangar at Riverside (and make it public for easy repair money) - (note: this is really optional - Zedo)

2) Get Klamp-G amnesty. (shoot down a Lazarus moth, assuming you need it.)

3) Buy something (preferably a lot) from Klamp-G Weapons Shop, Riverside. They will call for new supplies which will be delivered by Klamp-G transports.

4) Quickly unload the weapons at your hangar. (ignore pirates!)Note: Or, sell them to Psycho Bob for a profit - Zedo

5) Fly to the the tunnel to Gamma and wait at the entrance.

6) Soon enough a Klamp-G transport will appear. Follow it (unless it is heading to Gamma).

7) A pirate will almost always attack it (not much goes on at Riverside so they'll be looking for a target). Destroy the Klamp-G transport (Laz amnesty) and then the pirate (Klamp amnesty).

7b) If no pirate attacks the transport, destroy the transport anyway. They'll be sending new ones until the Weapons Shop is restocked. In the meanwhile you can keep collecting the weapons.

-- Narcotron

Captain Zedo's Quick Amnesty

Often when I'm needing amnesty, I'll go into an enemy crater and make a quick pass listening for gunfire. If I hear any, I'll target the Moths involved. What I'm looking for is a pirate attacking a faction Moth(s). Kill the pirate and you've got your amnesty.

Note that if faction ships target you, those specific Moths will stay after you for a while after you've received amnesty, so leave after killing the pirate.

If you are targeted by faction ships, it's a good sign that they're not attacking another enemy. If they were, they wouldn't bother with you. They like to gang up on enemies. In this case, look for dogfights in any friendly faction's craters.

If you find a pirate attacking a friendly faction's Moth, kill the friendly faction's Moth first to get the other faction's amnesty. Now kill the pirate to get the friendly factions amnesty back (from killing their Moth).

As always, the sound of gunfire means gain for the knowledgeable pirate on Titan. No matter who is involved.


Lets now look another more grave example. Lets say you've gotten every faction and gang peeved at you and you need amnesty from everyone. Even a few independent pilots have taken shots at you wanting the various bounties placed on your head.

First, get Police amnesty. No matter what you're doing, make sure to kill a pirate first to keep your record clear with the Police. Their Enforcers by far shadow any other threat the factions will throw at you.

Now kill any faction ship, preferrably a Klamp-G one. Try to find a vulnerable faction transport in Downtown, Midway, or Haven. Killing this ship will get you amnesty with the opposing faction.

Now run double amnesty to get your name cleared with both factions. If one side doesn't have any independent pilots listed as enemies, kill one of their ships and go to the other faction to check their Enemies List.

Don't sweat the Gangs, but pay off any outstanding loans. I just keep killing criminals and Gang amnesty will come. Attack pirates hanging around the Port tunnel in Downtown and you'll get Gang amnesty quick enough.

Once you get amnesty from one gang, you cannot run double amnesty as you can with the factions. Killing a gang transport does not get you amnesty with the opposing Gang. The only way to get Gang amnesty is to kill a pirate that's previously attacked one of their Moths. Getting Gang amnesty is pretty hit or miss, but it's not something to worry about.


Keep Messages

Keep all faction warnings and messages when your record is clear until you've gotten yourself out of trouble all the way around. It can get confusing to remember who's gunning for you and who isn't over time. Keep those messages until your record is clear.

Keep Some Pirates Locked In

If you can't yet recognize a pirate by his name alone, keep at least five pirates locked into your Pilots' Menu at all times. These are pilots listed on the Police's Wanted List. If you don't have any locked in and you need Police amnesty quick, try shooting down any independent pilots in Haven or Midway. They're almost always pirates. Also not that pirates almost always are fitted with Laser Turrets that you can spot in your target veiw (lower-left of your HUD).

Downtown Pirates

Pirates operating in the Downtown Crater are most apt to provide faction and gang amnesty. All pirates provide Police amnesty.

Working Dogfights

This is a good technique for beginning as well as advanced pilots. Whenever you come across a dogfight, use Radar Range to see who is involved. If one of the combatants is a Moth from a faction that's gunning for you, you can come to its aid and attack the Moth you see shooting at it. Instant amnesty.

If you see a dogfight between a pirate and a Moth from a friendly faction, you can help the pirate kill the friendly faction Moth and then kill the pirate. This is instant Double Amnesty. I've come across this a lot in Gamma as pirates attack Klamp ships.

I'll be on the bad side of the Laz and quickly join in to kill the Klamp Moth already under attack. Instant Laz amnesty. Now I'll kill the pirate that was attacking it. Instant Klamp amnesty and a fully clear record. Now to salvage the Klamp Moth's cargo and I've a little profit to boot. . .

Unregistered Kills

There are ways of killing other pilots that won't register as kills to the factions:

Devastators will destroy a Moth with one hit. Remember you get one, and only one, hit considered as "friendly fire" before an attack is registered. If that hit is a Devastator, you've got a free kill. You cannot use cannons or other weapons in this attack or it will register as an attack.

Groundbase can destroy a Moth without ever hitting them. The Groundbase missle goes beneath the Moth and pulls it down. It never hits the Moth and is not registered as an attack. You cannot use cannons or other weapons in this attack or it will register as an attack.

Bumping can kill your opponent as sure as any weapons' attack, but is not registered as an attack. An advanced version of bumping is bumping a Moth entering or exiting a hangar. Bump it on either end to put it sideways in the airlock and the airlock will blast it after seven seconds. You don't get any credit or blame for this type of kill. NOTE: Don't get stuck in the airlock with your foe or you'll be destroyed, too. Great for Enforcers.