Prison Oubliette










The Big Boys

The Lazarus Family

The Lazarus family is the wealthiest and most powerful faction on Titan. Titan was originally settled as their mining colony. They once ruled with an iron fist until resistance began to arise. The family leaders have taken to cloning themselves to preserve their position. They keep crazy old Uncle Xavier in the Lazarus Hightower.

They control the Highrise and Alpha craters and their influence extends to the Police and the Skinners gang. Their primary enemy is the Klamp faction.


The Klamp arose as a confederation of various gangs and criminals that tended to oppose the Lazarus family's status quo. The origin of the name is forgotten, but it is believed to be a combination of the names of the more powerful gangs that rose to the top. They are now a cohesive group and a serious threat to Lazarus domination. They are headquartered in the Riverside crater and control the Gamma crater as well.

The Police

A more corrupt police department can't be found. A few thousand will get you off the hook for killing one of the few innocents on Titan. Of course, you could kill someone on their unlimited "Wanted List" instead and save the fine. You won't last long staying on their bad side.

They are somewhat allied with the Lazarus family who probably help finance them. They are headquartered in the Downtown crater and have outposts in every crater except the Mines.

The Gangs


The Scrubbers began as a labor union of janitorial workers. They soon discovered the benefits of piracy and helping out the Klamp. They're headquartered in the Highrise crater.


The Skinners began as an association of ranchers. Like the Scrubbers, they took to crime as Titan's social system deteriorated. They help the Lazarus family and are headquarted in the Alpha crater.

The Underground

Psycho Bob's

Psycho Bob is the premier weapons retailer in Misplaced Optimism. He'll sell to anyone with cash. He comes up with some pretty good technology from time to time. He has two locations in the Downtown crater. He knows that something's going on with aliens and about the factions upgrading their technology rapidly. Bob figures it all out and lets you in on it, too.

Software Shack

The guys behind Software Shack aren't apparently allied with anyone. They make plenty of cash selling their software upgrades. Their software is about the cheapest way to get more out of your Moth. They have two locations in the Downtown crater and others distribute their products in other craters.

Other Folks

Oubliette Prison

Once a mining camp for Titan's criminals, Prison Oubliette is now where Klamp enemies go to "disappear".

Charlie Wadsworth

Charlie is a hood and a loan shark. He's pretty liberal when it come to lending money. If you don't pay him back on time, expect to see his "collectors" in their Death's Head Moths.

MisOp Finance

MisOp Finance is another liberal lender. They're located in the Downtown crater between Light Well 3 and the entrance to the Highrise Tunnel. They are thought to be backed by the Lazarus family.