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Thanks to BIGMike it's been discovered that Downtown Components will start producing Fusion Cells if supplied with Fuison Parts. These parts are much more common than Fusion Cells themselves. Keep Downtown Components in mind if you shoot a bounty or pirate a Trader carrying Fusion Parts. Downtown Components will pay you more than a Trading Post for Fusion Parts.

Get Fusion Parts early by working a dogfight or pirating a gang transport. You can get amnesty after you get your Fusion Cell. If another pirate is in the area, target him, let him attack the transport first and get on their Enemies List. Then you just need to finish off the transport, collect the Fusion Parts, and then kill your pirate friend for amnesty. Quick and simple. If you attack first, the pirate may not attack the transport at all and won't get you quick amnesty.

Make sure to stock Downtown Components up on their other needs too. The table below lists the items that Downtown Components requires other than Fusion Parts and where to get them. The number in paraenthesis beside the item indicate the levels I usually run to avoid overstocking. Check and see what they've got in stock first and then just fill in the gaps.

Make note that the most needed items are generally Sheet Metal, ExMetal, and Plastics. Run these first. If you notice that these are readily used, ie taken off the "Browse Stock" menu, resupply them. Generally only these three items are needed as Chemicals, Pure Water, and Gems are well stocked. Check the stock ("Browse Stock") to see what's needed and supply as necessary.

The same process works by trading with Craven Components, Alpha, too. Just supply them likewise and they'll build Fusion Cells.




Chemicals (10)

Downtown Chemicals
Sweage Control, Downtown

Pure Water (10)

Sewage Control, Downtown

Sheet Metal (10)
ExMetal (10)

Ore Processing
Ore Processing 2
Downtown Recycling

Plastics (10)

Downtown Chemicals
AgroChem, Alpha

Gems (10)

Downtown Munitions
Craven Components, Alpha
Trade Central
Alpha Trading Post

Traditional Methods Of Getting A Fusion Cell

The most common ways of getting a Fusion cell are by piracy and running the GangBoy Mission in the plotline. The GangBoy mission is discussed here. It occurs around day sixteen or seventeen, about the time Fusion Cells are starting to pop up in other places.

You will probably find one a day or two earlier if you keep your eyes open. Pirates in the Downtown Crater are apt to have picked up one from the Gang transports. Shoot them and take the Fusion Cell to your hangar for fitting. No hangar? Just go to a Breaker Maker, sell it, and then have them fit it. You'll lose about $2000 in the trade and fitting.

There's nothing stopping you from shooting down the Gang transports yourself. The trick is that you don't know which ones have Fusion Cells or standard Cells. After around day ten, most of the Gang transports are fitted with Fusion Cells. You'll need to get amnesty after shooting the Gang transports, but it can wait until you've shot a few.

You should also check the "Sales" menu in Trading Posts. You're quite apt to find a Fusion Cell for sale at around 16-18K. This is the easiest, but not the earliest way to find one. They usually don't show up for sale until after the GangBoy Mission, but they sometimes do. Keep an eye out for them.

Experimental Craft

MagMar was the first HardWar pilot to find and shoot down one of the "Experimental Craft" that HardWarp FM messages you about early in the game. He has a saved game on my site to prove it. Shortly after Laz gets Unknown Origin, you get messages that experimental craft are being sighted. These craft are Fusion Cell-fitted Neo-Tigers.

Finding one of these craft is tough. Shooting them down is just as tough. To find one you have to react quickly. As soon as HardWarp FM messages you that one of these craft have been spotted, target the subject of the message -- usually a faction HQ. If there is no "Target Subject" button, the target the sender, HardWarp FM.

Fly right to the target building and check your Radar Range. Fly around using your "y" key to target everything around you. When you find the experimental craft, shoot it immediately. It's a lot faster than you and it will get away if you don't engage it early. Remember that you'll most likely still be flying your original Silver-Y.

It's going to be a long dogfight. Make sure you have your target in site when firing. You don't have the power to afford misses. When the ship goes down, immediately target the Fusion Cell and run it to a Breaker Maker to have it fitted. (You probably don't have a hangar this early in the game.)

If you miss one, there will be others. Keep an eye for those messages. I've only been able to target and find two of these Moths -- one in Downtown and one in Highrise. I heartily suggest fighting the Downtown experimental Moth. The one in Highrise has Laz Patrols and Guards supporting it.

The Fusion Cell

The biggest advantage of the Fusion Cell is that you don't have to bother with hovering in Light Wells to charge it up. Standard Cells may get you through up to three dogfights and some running before they need to be recharged. The Fusion Cell is always charged.

Anyone who has ever seen a pirate pass with a valuable load of Narcotics or some such, but just didn't have the power to engage them, can readily see the value of the Fusion Cell. They give you unlimited flight and use of cannons.

Fusion Cells are made by the factions for their own use, but through piracy and trade, many end up on the open market. Getting a Fusion Cell as early as possible is important for most pilots. They don't show up often until very late in the plotline -- around day seventeen or eighteen. Below are tips on how to find one and how to get one earlier.