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I completed a form of the Hippy Challenge. I read the original and joked a bit about how a 'real' hippy would behave. Solar power vs fusion power, expensive moths vs Silver-Y 'lovebug', trade items, etc. I decided to try to complete the challenge in a Silver-Y without using a Fusion Cell. Later, I added the goal of $1,000,000 by day 25 after reading your description of the challenge on your website.

I started the game as a Scavenger, took out a large loan at Misop Finance, bought Downtown 05, opened hangar for repairs, upgraded all Software, bought a Cell #3, and bought a Clone. I mostly traded Food, Booze, and Narcotics from Riverside until I noticed some Bodyparts on the ground. I bought Gamma H3 and kept it full of Bodyparts priced at $2800 until I reached $1,000,000 on day 25.

I stole Matter, Triggers, a Fusion Cell, and a bunch of other stuff from pirates. I wasn't sure if I needed the Fusion Cell to complete the plot so I didn't sell it. I destroyed both Secret Bases and sold 3 of the 4 Unknown Origins, but I had to trade with Gamma Trading and Downtown Central for awhile before they had enough money to buy the Unknown Origin.

I died once when I got too lazy and too greedy. I had no Holograms and too few Flares but tried to steal some salvage from a pirate. I was halfway to safety with the goodies in my Cargo Pod when the pirate nailed me with a bunch of Firebursts. One Hologram or a couple more Flares and I would have made it. Of course, my Clone immediately bought another Silver-Y and a bunch of Flares and Holograms, etc.

In between plot missions I was trying to get into Lazarus Hightower in my Silver-Y with a Cell #3 and Cell #4 but couldn't quite get high enough. I tried taking a Cab but they don't seem to go there.

I was able to use a Cell #3 until after I blew up the Tunnel Blockage, explored the Port District, and was rescued by the Alien ship. When I returned to Psycho Bob's to talk to the Apprentice she told me I needed to find a Fusion Cell to continue. I don't remember ever seeing this video before in a game. So I fitted the Fusion Cell I stole earlier from a pirate and completed the game on day 33 with $1,153,996.

If I did this challenge again I would trade Bodyparts earlier from both Gamma and Downtown, I wouldn't waste time trying to sell any Unknown Origin, and I would start following gang transports carrying Matter and Triggers sooner. Certainly, the challenge could be completed in a lot less time if you're not an easily distracted Hippy. 'Ooh, Shiny!' :p

-- Jeff

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