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The factions and amnesty system on Titan really add a lot to Hardwar. Sometimes, though, you might want to eliminate the factions to remove the limits they impose with their Enemies Lists and Patrols. The current versions of the game (up to U2.04) will let you do this legitimately by killing off the factions fighters.

The key to doing this is to kill off the Taxi Cabs first. It is the cabs that keep bringing the factions fresh pilots. Without the cabs, the factions run out of fighters and can no longer harass you regardless of your activities -- like pirating their Transports at will.

There are three main stages to wiping out the factions: Preparation, Cab Killing, and Attacking the Factions.


Preparation centers around the fact that you'll need a good combat Moth to wipe out the factions. You'll also need plenty of cash and weapons.

If you plan on having a fleet of Moths, as most of us do, you'll need to buy these Moths before you kill off the Cabs or you won't have any way of getting to the Moth dealers except by flying a "trade-in" Moth. This means that you'll have to trade in the Moth you're flying in order to buy a new one. The only way around this is to take a Cab (or cheat and use the God Hangar's "Teleport" function).

You should consider getting a hangar Downtown and one in Riverside. This will give you somewhere to run as you attack the factions. Stock weapons and countermeasures in all of your hangars.

Finally, try to target Cabs #3 and #4 if you can. They stay busy and are hard to get with the standard cab killing method below. Just lock them into your Pilot Menu any time you come across them. They're everywhere, so you're almost certain to come across them sometime or another in the game.

Killing The Cabbies

The factions keep getting new pilots because the cabs keep bringing them to the factions. If you kill off all of the cabs, the factions run out of fighter pilots. All you have to do is to kill off the current faction fighters and you've got a "factionless" game. At least they can't call out any fighters to attack you.

I found the best way to kill cabs is to enter a public hangar in each crater, exit your Moth, and call a cab. I selected MisOp Finance for my destination because it doesn't cost anything to go there and no money is taken out of your account.

As soon as the cab enters the hangar, cancel the cab, jump in your Moth, and exit the hangar. Now hang around the entrance and wait for the cab to exit. Now target and kill him. It's as simple as that. Rinse. Repeat.

There are two cabs for each crater for a total of 14. The Resevoir cabs are the ones primarily used to shuttle new pilots to the factions. These are Cabs #3 and #4. If you run into these cabs during gameplay, lock them in your Pilot Menu so you can find them easily. They're usually too busy to pick you up if you call for a cab in Resevoir.

Don't think that killing just Cabs #3 and #4 will prevent new pilots from reaching the factions. Other cabs will take their place. You'll need to kill all of the cabs.

Killing cabbies will put you on the Police Wanted List, so make sure to kill a pirate within 24 hours of your first attack (the time will show up in the *Your Attack* message from the Police).

I usually start out by killing Cab #3 and Cab #4. This eliminates the Resevoir Cabs. Then I go crater by crater to kill off the rest. Below are the locations I've found to be great places to call a cab from when plotting an ambush:

Downtown -- Ore Processing

Alpha -- Monorail Depot

Mines -- Fred's Builders

Gamma -- Dr. Jobe's Weapons

Riverside -- Riverside Chemicals

Highrise -- The Recycle Joint

All of the above locations are near the Cab companies, but still give you enough time to get behind a Cab and kill it before it can get home.

Use the F12 key (debug keys must be activated) and F11 key to cycle through all of the Moths on Titan to make sure you've killed off all of the cabs. Now clear your Police record by killing a pirate and you're ready to attack the factions.


Needless to say this isn't a beginner's project. You will face multiple attack in a series of waves in the beginning.

First, outfit and arm your Moth. Secondly, attack one faction at a time. This maximizes your rewards from the other faction. I generally attack Laz first and begin in the Alpha crater. I enter Alpha and attack a Patrol. Another Patrol will immediately attack and a Laz-Guard will be released.

I try to pick a Patrol that's near the crater wall or otherwise out of the way. This lets me blast him nearly dead before his buddies can attack me.

The initial attack in a crater is the hardest. You'll have at least two Patrols in Neo-Tigers to deal with and an Attack or Guard will be released in a Hawk with Swarms shortly.

Be prepared for multiple attacks!

In the initial attacks, you'll probably have to run for repairs and Cell recharging. A Fusion Cell is a really good idea. If you need to run, run early and run fast and far.

Once you've killed the Neo-Tiger Patrols, you must face waves of single Laz-Guards. These guys come from Lazarus Alpha. Be waiting on them.

Shoot the turrets off of buildings as you go. Remember your first priority is to kill off the fighter pilots. There will be plenty of time to shoot off the turrets then. Just attack the turrets that are giving you problems. The turrets of Lazarus Chemicals and Lazarus Alpha come to mind.

Highrise & Resevoir

I continue my anti-Laz campaign in Highrise. I repeat the Alpha strategy. I kill off the patrols and then hit the Guards. In Highrise the Guards come from the Lazarus Garrison behind the Police station.

The Highrise boys seem a little harder to hit. They use obstacles and altitude a little better than the Alpha group.

Next, go to the Resevoir Crater. There won't be too many Laz Moths there, but they hold the Macros and have a Garrison on the island with the Light Well.

Shoot the turrets off of all of the Macros and the Garrison hangar. You may find a Neo-Tiger Patrol or Attack, but not often. If one comes after you, kill them. Keep cycling through targets to try to find these strays before they find you.

The Lazarus Mine

Lazarus makes a hard last stand in the Mines. They have two Patrols near the Light Well and several Guards and Attacks at their Mine Garrison.

Start out by entering the Mines Crater and eliminating the Patrols. If you run into problems taking both of them on. Lead them into Haven where you can separate them and kill them one at a time or kill them with tunnel fighting.

With the Patrols gone, hit the Lazarus Mine and Garrison. You'll probably be able to take out the turrets on the Lazarus Mine building, and the two on each side of the Mine Garrison. It won't be too long, however, before a Laz-Guard appears.

These Guards come out one at a time from the Garrison hangar, so be waiting for them. Don't wait right in front of the hangar doors. Hover above the hangar where you can easily fall in behind exiting Guards.

After you've wiped out all of the Guards from the Lazarus Mines Garrison, you've destroyed all of their core fighters. There are still the guys in the Port Crater if you haven't run the *Klamp Decoy* mission, but they won't come out to bother you. If you've done a complete job of killing cabbies, you've just destroyed the ability of the Laz to enforce their evil policies. You may attack their Transports at will.

Switching to Klamp-G

I don't wait around. Go straight to the Klamp-G Mine while you're in the Mines Crater and blast the turrets off of the buildings. You're not apt to get any resistance from the Klamp yet.

Enter Gamma and attack a Klamp Patrol. There are often three and even four Patrols in Gamma. Run into Downtown if they all target you at once. You can kill one in the tunnel and separate the rest. The first one that exits the tunnel into Downtown is an easy kill.

Repeat this until all of the Patrols are gone and only one Guard is left. Kill the Guard and wait for the next one outside of the Klamp DeFac. The DeFac is near the Gamma Trading Post. Blast its turret and position yourself to fall in behind the Guards that will be exiting the hangar.


I like to get a hangar in Riverside in the "Preparation" phase. It comes in handy in the next two phases. Start attacking Riverside as usual by attacking a Patrol. Wipe out the Neo-Tiger Patrols.

You'll have attracted the attention of a Guard. Kill him. The Guards come from the Klamp-G Garrison which is right below Klamp-G Headquarters. The Guards here seem to exit the hangar and drop a lot of altitude immediately. It's tough to fall in behind them.

You may run into a couple of Guards or up to six or more. It varies. Kill 'em all.

Back To Resevoir

This is where things will end for the factions in a dramatic way. Klamp-G makes a powerful last stand in Resevoir. That's why I saved it for last, so they couldn't call in reinforcements.

The "land" area of the Resevoir Crater is patrolled by the Klamp. They have two garrisons there in hangars called "Resevoir Def 1" and "Resevoir Def 2". They hit you with everything. Lots of Neo-Tiger equipped with Swarms and designated Klamp-Attacks. You may even get a Death's Head Klamp-Guard.

Overall, this will be your toughest battle. If you have a hangar in Riverside, you can always run to it to repair and re-arm. It's tough to defeat Klamp's main force in Resevoir without re-arming.

I use plenty of missiles and tunnel traps. Don't forget to blast the turrets off the the Defs after you've finally killed the last of the Klamp fighters.

Brave New World

There a spooky feeling you get after clearing out the last fighters out of the Resevoir Crater. Usually when you pass through Resevoir there's always the sound of cannons due to the factions rivalry. No more.

You should make passes through all craters looking for stray fighters that may still be around. If you forgot to kill all the cabs, you may come across an Attack or Guard. This is a sure sign that you need to hunt down and kill a surviving cabbie.

When you're finished, the whole game's different. The only thing you have to worry about is the Police. You can pirate gang and faction transports at will.

Try a game where you eliminate the factions before you run the *Klamp Decoy* mission. There are still two Laz-Attacks and a Laz-Repair in Port Crater. The plot is completely different without the factions to mess with you.

Now try to see if you can eliminate all of the gang transports and Enforcers.