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A hangar is one of the best investments you can make playing HardWar. You can make money just by making the hangar public and turning on your repair drones and selling repair services in the manner of a Breaker Maker. You also get free repairs and a place to store booty you want to keep.

Locating A Hangar

Getting a hangar is easy. Just go to any real estate dealer found at the bottom of your Local Services Menu and select and purchase one. Hangars cost $16-17,000.

Before buying a hangar you should try to pick one in a good location for money making. The best spots are around Light Wells and away from other Moth repair shops. Find a likely area and with good traffic and look at the names of the 'Vacant' buildings there. Now go to the nearest real estate dealer and buy a hangar in the area.

The most profitable locations I've found are: Downtown 5, which is a vacant building near Light Well 1; and Vacant 006, Downtown near Light Well 3. This was the first hangar I ever bought. If you know of other good hangar locations, please e-mail me. I'll be adding some more locations on this page soon.

Derelict Warehouse

Just wanted to tell you that I've found a more profitable hangar than Downtown 5 (profit from repair system, not from selling goods).

It's "Empty Complex" in Riverside. Over several (Titan) days it earnt me about $90000 (yes, ninety thousand) compared with around $7500 from Downtown 5 which was open for the same period of time.

I think this has something to do with there being no Breaker Maker's in Riverside, also General Industries is there so lots of combat for contraband.

For some reason the three other buildings for sale in Riverside don't work quite so well.

-- NeoPanda

The Derelict Warehouse is in Riverside near Waterfront booze and Software Refinery. Go to Riverside Estate Agent to buy it. It's not uncommon to get over $10,000 in one Hardwar day.

-- Captain Zedo

I noticed your list of "best hangar locations" and wanted to put in a good word for one more: the blue spherical hangar in Downtown closest to the Port entrance gets a lot of repair action from the piracy-plagued nuclear parts transports and you can sell bodyparts from there as well.

It is also nice if you pirate nuclear components yourself because if you get jumped by pirates you can both recharge your shields and quickly stash Matter and Trigger there -- and of course once you've recharged your shields and cleared your cargo bays the conveniently located Light Well gets your energy levels back up, at least until Downtown Components builds you a Fusion Cell.

Matter and Trigger runs are often made by 4 gang moths at a time, and if you're carrying around a bunch of nuclear components pirates will attack you instead of the gang transports. You could dump your nuclear components into the Port Tunnel, but sometimes when you jettison cargo you lose it (or maybe stray weapons fire destroys it, or both.) Stashing it securely in a nearby hangar and coming out with full shields is way better.

-- UglyAngel

Using Your Hangar

The real estate dealer will put the hangar in your Buildings Menu. You should lock it there so it won't be overwritten by subsequent targeting. Now go to your new hangar and use the Owner Controls Menu to open your hangar to the public, and toggle on your sales system and drones. Now just go about your business and return from time to time to pick up your cash using the 'Get Cash' button in Owner Controls.

You get free repairs from your hangar by accessing your hangar's computer and clicking the 'Repairs' button. The subsequent menu is similiar to those found in other garages. The big difference is that you don't have to pay for repairs. A big advantage in Misplaced Optimism.

You can also strip a Moth down to prepare to trade it in for a better Moth. Use the 'Remove' button and menu to take off any pod, drone, and cannons you have fitted. Missiles and software will stay with the Moth. If you are wanting to salvage the engine or cell, you will have to buy and stock a cell and engine to replace them with. I've often purchased a Cell #3 early in the game and switch it out with my initial Silver-Y's Cell #1. When I trade in my Silver-Y, I switch the cells back and have the Cell #3 to fit to my new Moth.

Storing and Selling Items

You can take any cargo you'd like to keep to your hangar and unload it. If the 'Sales System' is toggled on, others can buy your goods. Turn this system off if you want to keep your goods, but still want to offer repairs. I tend to hoard missiles for use later.

A note about selling goods. Your default price for items is well below market value. In the original, unpatched game it takes hundreds of mouseclicks to raise the price. For this reason, most pilots sell items at other business to make more money and only keep what they intend to use or sell later in their hangar. In the patched game, you can raise prices by 10 or 100 units instead of one-unit-per-click. This makes operating a sales hangar in the patched game very profitable. In the unpatched game, it's tedious to make a profit this way.

Darklord and others have reported that there are great profits to be had selling Bodyparts in hangars along the gang transports' trade route with the aliens. Darklord has made a fortune selling Bodyparts for over $2000 from Gamma H3. Selling Bodyparts in Downtown05 has worked for me. It seems there's a desperate need for Bodyparts anywhere between Skinner and Scrubber HQs and the Port Tunnel in Downtown.

A Second Hangar

A second hangar can have the advantage of giving you a private place to duck into. Remember that if your hangar is open to the public, you may have to wait for the air lock to clear just like in any other public hangar. This can be deadly if you are being chased by a pirate. With a private hangar, the door is always open and you can duck in with your cargo without frear of interruption.

Some players like to invest in several hangars to make easy cash. Most hangars will at least pay for themselves during the course of the game. They can also come in handy for ducking pirates and faction enemies.

Maulkye's Secret

Loyal and Greedy pilot Maulkye has discovered a really good system to "corner" any market on Titan. Basically, you set up shop and then flood your competition's hangar with Silver-Y's. This prevents anyone from doing business with your competitor.

Here's what Maulkye has to say:

You want to corner the market in the production of a consumable product that even the AI's will buy regardless of the price. The first thing that comes to mind are Sprats.

The best way to do this is to intentionally flood all of the producers (after you up your own stock that is) with one item that they usually buy, but can't make anything out of if its all they have. This works pretty good, but the problem is that it's hard to drain the producers completely of all their money.

AI's keep going in and selling them that one item they need to get production rolling and money flowing again. They always seem to have just enough money to buy it too. How do you stop them? Hanger Blocking!

Just go out and buy half a dozen silver Y's and fill their hangers up! Now load all of the remaining sprats into your moths so no one can see the sprats there. This way no one can get in to sell critical items, and you have the only sprats in town!

If you try to go in the hanger when it full, the machine says "Hanger Full". I have noticed that AI's wait around for someone to come out when this happens. I'm not sure how long the wait, but this may be good or bad depending on your goals.

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