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I've been playing around, seeing what happens when you buy a lot of hangars.

http://capsu.org/ temp/ hangar.zip (200KB) contains a Hardwar version U2.04 save game, in which I have purchased every single hangar that can be purchased - I think. If you get it, please virus-check it yourself, unzip, load up,pick a moth and go and explore.

You'll notice that there are very few pirates and scavengers around. They'll never appear in Riverside or Highrise, and you'll tend to only find one at a time in Alpha, Gamma or Downtown. The Mines and Reservoir craters normally contain one scavenger and one pirate.

The caves are even more violent than normal. Pirates seem to re-spawn there very quickly, and they always seem to come with a bounty on their heads. You'll also notice that some craters are littered with scrap - there are no scavengers left to pick up the results of my battles.

Over 10 days of intensive hangar clearance, none of the remaining hangars appeared for sale at any estate agents. I'm therefore concluding that hangars in crater/caves with no estate agent cannot be purchased without cheating. Some general observations on hangars:

* The number of hangars an estate agent has up for sale at any moment in time is often smaller than the number of empty hangars. This is most obvious in Downtown, where some of the higher-numbered 'vacant' properties will not appear for sale until other properties are purchased. Pirate/scavenger hangars tend to be at the end of the list. This means that in craters with a lot of property, you won't normally see vacant pirate/scavenger hangars for sale while a lot of the other property remains on sale. In craters such as Gamma, where there is very little property for sale, vacant pirate/scavenger hangars are often put up for sale early in the game.

* When the occupant of a pirate/scavenger hangar is killed, the hangar becomes vacant. It does not immediately change ownership. There is, in effect, a small delay between the vacancy appearing and the property changing hands. About 50% of the time a new occupant will fill a newly vacant property before it is put onto the market. The proportion *may* change in response to property shortages - I haven't been able to work that out. The remainder of the time, the property will be made available at the estate agent in the crater for a few hours. At the end of that period of time, there is another chance that the property will be filled by a new occupant. If you are very lucky, a property may be vacant for many hours. Sometimes the delay in the hangar becoming available can outwit you. If you clear one hangar, and head straight for the estate agent, you may have to wait some time for the estate agent to put the hangar on sale. Of course, if you have been unlucky, you'll find yourself sitting in the estate agent waiting, when some other pilot has already purchased it.

* Most hangars cost about 16,000, and sell for about 10% less.

* There are 60 hangars which may be purchased and used, 38 of which are in Downtown; 1 hangar that may be purchased and not used; and 9 hangars that it does not seem possible to purchase.

* If you plan to collect hangars and you make your money by piracy, make all the cash you think you will need before starting to collect pirate/scavenger hangars. You'll need about a million in cash. Buying a pirate hangar means there is one less pirate in play. Eventually you'll have problems finding pirates to kill to clear your name. You'll also feel rather lonely. The amount of money hangars make from repairs will drop to almost zero. Alternatively, if you make money by trading, clearing areas such as Riverside of pirates early on may pay dividends.

* My preferred approach to gaining pirate/scavenger hangars is to attack every non-trader/faction ship in a crater, then rush into the estate agent and wait to see if anything comes up. Once you have cleaned out Alpha, Gamma, Highrise and Riverside, start work on Downtown. Downtown is a particular attraction for pirates with hangars in neighbouring craters, so you may find yourself racing round several estate agents until you've picked up everything you've made vacant. Towards the end of the clearance, you'll find yourself hunting down one pirate at a time, which can be time consuming. As the process goes on, you'll find that most of the pilots you are killing don't have police records. The best way to deal with this is to make regular trips to the caves. If you alternate caves whenever you need to clear your name, you should be able to find at least one pirate with a criminal record. The caves seem to become more dangerous as you remove more pirate hangars from circulation elsewhere on Titan. Toward the end you should have no problem finding wanted pirates in the caves.

* Colony HQ is one of the last hangars to be offered for sale in Downtown. You can buy it, but I have not been able to find a way in.

Timski's Hangar Update

The secret to getting pirate hangars is timing.

(a) Pirate hangars without pirates are filled with a new occupant at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00.

(b) When the occupant of a pirate hangar is killed the property will appear at the nearest estate agent at the beginning of the next full hour after the kill, unless that hour is one of those mentionned in (a).

To get a pirate/scavenger hangar, kill the current occupant just after 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 or 18:00. Wait until the start of the next full hour and then go to the estate agent in the same crater as the hangar. You must reach the estate agent and purchase the hangar before the next time in the sequence.

Reservoir, Mines, Haven and Midway conform to (a), but do not conform to (b). I could not buy property in theses craters in my game. It is possible the ability to buy in these craters did exist in a previous version, or there is some kind of glitch in my game preventing it.

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