Nar Sluke's Trading Tips --


Prison Oubliette










You can stock-pile items in your hangar. When you want to sell them, you can hold considerably more loading them from there than if you were purchasing them. For instance, with a small pod I have carried five different things, including 30 odd scrap metal.

Everyone knows that Neo-Tiger has slow turning. What most people don't know is this can be used to your advantage. If you need to enter a tunnel you're coming at from an angle, you can turn early, so your ship changes facing. Your momentum will carry you to line up with the tunnel, and you retain much of your speed. This is generally helpful, but especially needed if your are being chased. It would be easier to explain if I could show you, but oh well.

Don't fight if you have cargo. You're just opening yourself up to more attacks. I use the Neo-Tiger because of its speed; no AI flyer can keep up with you, even if you're loaded with a medium pod filled to the brim with cargo and you're being chased by an Attack craft without anything but weapons. They do not go full speed. You can use the inertia turn (IT) for getting into hangers, unless you are being targeted by some one right there. If that happens, try flying out of that crater and wait in a tunnel for a little bit before heading back.

Fly as strait as possible. That doesn't mean run into things, but do as little movement other than forward as possible. This will keep your speed up to maximum levels.

Learn the map so you don't need to go to navigation and target a building. If you do need to, get it in your computer while your drone is picking up your cargo or while you're in a hanger. And never, never stop while you are carrying anything valuable. Keep moving.

Trading in MisOps is probably the slowest way to get rich next to scavenging, and one of the most dangerous. If you work at it, you can earn money without dying too many times. Just remember a few things:

Save some money-unlike other professions, when you're a trader you need money to make money. You can always take out a loan, but that's a huge hassel. Never buy something you plan on keeping unless you will end up with more than $10,000.

Keep moving-the longer you're in the world carrying cargo, the more likely you'll be a target for pirates. Also, the faster your moth the better.

Think big-you need to sell items with huge profit margins that are in great demand. Food sells well, but stores only buy 5 or 10 units at a time (you could sell to a whole bunch of different places, of course).

Don't over do it-selling to or buying from the same handful of places for too long sinks the economy and brings down potential profits. AI traders will eventually bring it back upright, so find somewhere else to trade for a little while.

Stay well equipped-always always *always* have at least twenty flares loaded on your moth. They're life savers, and plan on using them regularly. Chaff is also very useful, but I prefer flares and tend to drop four or five in the face of firebursts and groundbases, the two most damaging missiles that AI pilots use.

Avoid trouble-whenever possible, stay out of Alpha. There are anywhere from zero to three pirates at a given time, plus three Swallow pirates that bushwack cargo carriers. It's a small crater, so you will run into them. Haven and Midway are also small with 2 or 3 pirates that you can't miss, but it's not usually that bad. Downtown is always infested with pirates and can have somewhat low profits-try staying in Riverside and Gamma and go to the prison mine and moth factories every once in a while.

With that in mind, trade trade trade. Learn how Titan works. I usually start with trading small things like cells, ore, metals, compcomp, machparts, and maybe a laser or two. After I have a lot of money and a decent moth, I move on to weapons and contraband, and for the rest of the game that's all I trade. If you need cash and don't want a loan, go bounty hunting. You can rack up a lot of money in a short amount of time."

-- ~Sluke