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I found out that you can make easy money by buying 10 food from Klamp G Macro 1 and selling to The Waterfront. They will only buy up to 10 food, but wait for some trader to come buy some of the food you just sold and then run the route again. I made some easy money (Mixed with the General Industrial- The Slum trade route) and was able to buy that Swallow I had my eye on in one Hardwar day.


Maulkye's Trade Routes

1. Everyone knows the General Industrial - Slum route, but you can add a Chemical run to the front (Riverside chemicals) of that to supply General Industrials with raw materials to keep that contraband pumping.

2. If you have the nerve, a run to the Prison mines and back yields good prices on Gems and Ore. The ore you can sell to make sure there is plenty of sheet and exmetal around when you start supplying weapons and moth producers later.

The gems are less common in the downtown area and sell pretty well. They also are a key ingredient for the production of holograms. I usually run through Alpha, Haven, Mines. Then, based on who I saw in Haven, I may do a return through Midway and gamma back to downtown. If you are tough enough, this gives you a great route to spot potential targets. It's not a good run if you're not skilled at evasion.

3. It's hard to beat those quick runs between Downtown Components, Downtown Moths, Downtown Munitions, and Downtown Chemicals. They are real close together and they tend to carry complimentary products.

-- Maulkye


1) VERY GOOD TRADE/PIRATING RUN-- Go to Riverside and just camp around "Titan University" keep scanning for traders/pirates with cargo of Narcotics or Alcohol (this is how i get about 400 grand in the first 3 days of hardwar maybe sooner. This is only at the begining of the game. As the game goes on, the traders have less drugs and booze and there are fewer pirates going through there)

Just sit around and target any guys with drugs or booze and kill them (and try not to lose the cargo in the river) and just sell it to the SLUM or WATERFRONT. The slum seems to pay good money for narcotics and the waterfront pays good for booze, but soon they start lowering their buy price The slum keeps buying at a good steady price.

As you get charged for your crimes by the police, don't forget to kill a pirate after 23 hours after you killed someone innocent. Its just good to keep the enforcers in their hangars.

2) ANOTHER GOOD TRADE/PIRATING RUN-- Go to Gamma and just sit around the Lightwell and the Gamma Cops building. Wait for traders with narcotics or booze, and kill them, sell to Flyer's Retreat (beneath Gamma Cops with hangar door facing the Lightwell). this isnt as good as the riverside run though, but okay if you're passing by. Theres always a dogfight too with expensive cargo. This area heats up a lot during the plot mission. Even toward the end of the game, it gets a lot of fights (over fusion parts and cells and matter and trigger).. good area to scavenge !!

-- Venom

Trading Menus

Zedo hasn't mentioned much about using the Trading Posts' menus. They are invaluable for any trader. The 'Needs List' will tell you who needs what and the 'Sales List' will tell you where to get it.

Both of these lists provide a targeting function to get the appropriate buildings on your 'Buildings Menu'. The Sales List also gives you the option of the nearest supplier and of the cheapest supplier. If you are heavily into trading, the cheapest source will, of course, give you the biggest margin, but may be a longer route exposing you to more pirates.

Don't forget that you can use the Sales Menu to find things you need for your own use. Finding Cell #3's and #4's can be rough without them. They also come in handy for finding Matter and Trigger when you need them.

PS -- Unless you're a hardcore boutny-hunter/pirate like Zedo, you'll need a Large to Largest Pod to make trades worthwhile. Largest Pods are generally available at Breaker Maker 3 in the Alpha Crater. Just enter Alpha and target it from your 'Local Services' Menu.

-- Yosemite Jane

Death's Head Route

I discovered this route while following Nayjay123 's advice on getting a Death's Head Moth. (See the Bounty Hunting section of my Tips Page). Downtown Moths is always in need of CompComp, MachParts, and Plastics which are available nearby at Downtown Components and Downtown Chemicals.

Familiarize yourself with the 'Downtown' Complex located in the Downtown Crater between Police HQ and the entrance to the Highrise Tunnel. Just get the stuff and make quick runs and watch the cash begin to grow. Markup is not great, but the short run and volume available make up for it. On top of the profits, you are enabling Downtown Moths to produce more Moths including the Death's Head. This is a great route to use during a mid-plot lull. Keep an eye open for when Downtown Moths is offering a Death's Head for sale.

-- Captain Zedo

Quick and Easy Blag

If things are going slowly at the start of the game, you can build up a little cash running narcotics from General Industrial right across the river to The Slum. You don't get the biggest mark up imaginable, but three or four runs will garner you a couple of thousand bucks or so. Pirates are minimal and easily managed by just getting into the Slum's hangar quickly.

-- Bloogie

Flyer's Retreat

Flyer's Retreat is a wonderful place to sell your alcohol, narcotics, and Huskar cigars. It's located beneath the Gamma Police Garrison. Find it and target it early.

The entrance to Flyer's Retreat is low and there's some cover in case you have to wait for the air-lock to clear while a pirate's hunting you.

I like running Narcotics from General Industries, Riverside and alcohol from Waterfront Booze, Riverside to Flyer's Retreat. Flyers's Retreat never seems to run out of cash and pays top dollar for contraband items.

You can find Waterfront Booze by entering the Gamma crater, heading to Riverside crater, and targeting the Riverside Light Well as soon as you exit the tunnel. You'll fly right over (or into) Waterfront Booze. To find General Industries just fly down the river in Riverside toward Resevoir and look to your left.

-- Dirty Little Johnny

Some Startup Routes From Bloogie

At the start of the game all of the bars need supplies like Huskar Cigars, Alcohol, and Narcotics. You can get Huskar Cigars at Bill Moritz's, Resevoir. Narcotics can be bought at General Industries, Riverside and alcohol can be gotten at Waterfront Booze, Riverside and most trading posts.

You can sell any of the above items at The Slum, Riverside; The Waterfront, Riverside; Jupiter 4, Resevoir; Flyer's Retreat, Gamma. The run between Bill Moritz's and Jupiter 4 carrying Huskar Cigars is really good. Carrying alcohol between Waterfront Booze and The Waterfront is quick and fairly safe, but doesn't have much markup.

-- Bloogie

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