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If you're anything like me, you probably jumped here right from the "Welcome Page". That's okay, but you'll need to know the stuff on the previous pages before some of this makes sense.

The biggest problem with newer pilots is that they really don't know who they should attack or what the consequences might be. You don't start out with any defined enemies like in a mission-based game. Relationships on Titan are about as complex as the economy. To start out with, I suggest that you go to a police station and target some pilots on their "Wanted List". These are usually pirates of varying skill. They also carry a reward that you'll get for killing them.

Dogfights progress in four distinct phases: the approach, the initial strike, the follow-up spiral, and the finish. Top pilots can often kill a good pilot in under thirty seconds. I've knocked a few off in as little as fifteen. Always remember that survival is your top priority in all circumstances. If your shields start dropping and your enemy has the better of you, run and run early. Don't wait until you've got engine damage or are low on power and are a sitting duck Tips on handling emergencies are at the bottom of the Evasion and Defense Page.

The Approach

Okay, you've got some bounties loaded into your pilot menu. Cycle through them (Nav Menu, Pilots function) and select a target. Pick one nearby. Now charge up and head straight for him.

Keep an eye on your radar to see how far away your target is. Don't be too quick to fire. Rule #1 of dogfighting is: "Get behind them and stay behind them." If you're not approaching them from behind already, pass them and turn (Quick Turn) to get behind them. Now get just close enough for an accurate hit, but not right on top of your target. Open Fire!!

In most instances you'll be able to easily get behind your opponent if you hold your fire until you're positioned. If not, just make it your goal to get behind them as soon as possible.

The Initial Strike

A good initial strike can almost win the dogfight for you. Don't be in a big hurry to open fire. Get as good of a position behind your enemy as you can. Your first goal is to take a big chunk of energy out of his shields. I usually start out with a Plasma Kannon unless I can get close enough to use a missile reliably. On rare occasions you may find that your initial strike goes straight into the final kill without the target ever leaving your sights.

Opening strikes are as varied as there are pilots on Titan. I like stripping the shields down with Plasma Kannon while many always open a dogfight with a missile. Personally, I think it's important to learn how to kill using only cannons. You'll save a fortune on buying and relplacing missiles. When I do use missiles, I generally use them later when my target's shields are low or gone.

The important thing is that your attack be accurate and damage your target's shields. This gives you a big head start if the dogfight gets down to a tit-for-tat cannon battle.

Be ready for your target to react as soon as they're hit. They'll probably start a turn and try to fall in behind you. Don't let them.

The Follow-Up (Death Spiral)

Your target will want to turn to attack you. He'll get behind you if he can. As you both try to get behind each other you get into a tightening spiral. Try to avoid this by using reverse thrust to back out of the spiral area and resight your target. The Quick Turn also gives you an advantage in always keeping your target in front of you where you can hit him.

You want to keep your target in your center reticule as much as possible. Fire in short bursts until you know you're hitting him. Lay off the trigger in sharp turns. This conserves power and prevents misfires. As a general rule, it's not wise to fire unless you know you're going to score a hit.

If you lose sight of your opponent or get completely lost. Fly off in a straight line for some distance and locate your target in your radar. Now turn back toward him and start over. A Laser Turret can really come in handy here because it will track your target and keep shooting at it even if you've lost him.

A good tip to use if your target gets behind you is to drop a little altitude and then use full reverse thrust to go below and behind your opponent. It takes practice, but is priceless when used (especially on unsuspecting online human opponents). You have to use your radar to guide your steering.

Keep up with your shield level and run if it gets too low. You don't win them all. Generally you'll get a solid head start in the blasting and your opponent will always have more damage than you. Suddenly you see him flatten out and try to escape . . .

Finishing Them Off

You know it's time to go for the kill when your opponent disengages you and tries to run. Usually you'll notice that their Moth has slowed down considerably. Switch to laser to finish them off. Laser requires more accuracy than Laser Turret, but carries more punch per shot.

Get behind your target and hit him with laser. Keep some distance between you and him. There's no need to be closer than you have to be to make accurate hits. This comes in handy later if you have to scavenge cargo after a dogfight. It's a good habit to get into. As you gain more experience, you'll be able to hit a Moth near the outer limit of your weapon's range.

Finally, check your messages, if you get any, after your kill. They may be notices that you've recieved a reward or they may be warnings that you've run afoul of a faction. Keep up with these messages to help you remember who has you on their "Enemies List".

Losing the battle? About to die? You ain't dead yet.

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