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Get used to the idea of making all kinds of enemies on Titan. It's really unavoidable. Fear of making enemies will cause you to miss out on some really profitable opportunities. No matter who or how many enemies you make, you can always get your record cleared all the way around in a few simple steps.

Rule #1: Keep up with who's gunning for you. Save your "warning" messages to help you keep up. You don't want to try to go to a police station when you're on their Wanted List. They'll take a fine out of your account and will impound your Moth if you don't have the cash!

Rule #2: Don't pay Police fines. You can clear your record cheaper by just killing a pirate. More on this later.

The Factions

There are three major factions on Titan that will give you a headache if you get on their Enemy List. The first is the powerful Lazarus family who run Highrise, Alpha, and the Light Well area of the Mines. The Lazarus' sworn enemy are the upstart rebels of the Klamp-G faction who control Gamma, Riverside, and their mining operation and Prison Oubliette in the Mines.

The third faction is The Police. They pretty much go everywhere and have stations in every crater except Resevoir, Mines, Haven, and Midway.

There are also two gangs, Skinners and Scrubbers, but they're not much of a threat or limitation if you get on their bad side.

If you get on the Laz or Klamp "Enemies List", their patrols and guards will attack you when you enter the craters they respectively control. The more infractions you have against them, the longer their Moths will hound you when you've exited one of their craters. The Police aren't really a problem at all until they send out an Enforcer and then you've got some advanced problems. For now, kill a pirate as soon as possible when you discover you're on the Police Wanted List.

The only problem I've had with the Skinners and Scrubbers is that their buildings in various craters will fire on you. They're supposed to send "Assassains" out after you, but I've only seen one in the Hardwar Demo. It's really more annoying than dangerous. In the unpatched game (versions F2.1 and F2.0), attacking a gang transport will get you in trouble with their allied faction. Killing a Skinner Trans will put you on the Laz Enemies List and killing a Scrubber Trans will put you on Klamp-G's. This alliance is not present in the current upgrade patch (version U1.0).

Basic Amnesty

When you get a warning from a faction, don't panic. Getting your record cleared is pretty straight forward. Below are the basic principles of amnesty. Read our Amnesty Page for more clever tricks and details:

Shooting any pirate will clear your record with the Police. The police don't send an Enforcer out after you for one or two infractions. You're allowed seven infractions which include pirating innocent, independent pilots or not clearing your record within twenty-four Hardwar hours. Both time and piracy increase your bounty. After it exceeds $2000, the Police will send out an Enforcer. Clear your Police record at least once a day.

To clear your record with either Laz or Klamp, just shoot one of the opposing faction's Moths. Of course, that puts you in hot water with the faction whose Moth you just killed, but you can keep going back and forth as needed. You can even use this strategy to initiate the "Double Clemency" strategy explained fully on our Amnesty Page.

Don't sweat Skinner or Scrubber amnesty as long as you've got amnesty from Laz and Klamp. Gang amnesty is hard to get. You have to attack a pirate on their Wanted List and you can't get to the List as their enemy. As I said, don't sweath the gangs.

Finding Pirates

One of the most notorious skills of a Top Loyal and Greedy Hardwar Pilot is the ability to tell if a computer generated pilot is a pirate by name alone. This skill comes from hours of play. Eventually a definite pattern in naming evolves.

The best way to develop this skill is to bounty hunt for the Police. Observing the names of pirates attacking you is also helpful. In the meantime, your best bet lies in attacking any independent pilots you see in Haven or Midway. Just about every pilot you'll see in these caverns will either be a faction transport (with a name like Laz Trans 005 or Klamp Trans 008) or a pirate (with a last name like Moonbane or Silverwind). Just blast the named pilots until you recieve a "Record Cleared" message from Police HQ.

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