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This page gives you a list of direct links to some of the more basic and important pages on our site. The goal of the site is to make you a better, richer pilot regardless of your occupation. It's best to try out all of the occupations and then try a little piracy before you make a solid preference.

A good start is to read my Basic Training Manual for advice on setting up and configuring the game. Following this you should concentrate on flying better and learning your way around by being a Trader. Next, try some bounty hunting to improve your dogfighting skills and develop your weapons and Moth preferences. Finally, spend a little time scavenging and try some piracy. Lastly, try playing through the plotline and getting off of Titan a couple of times.

If you run into any trouble or have any questions at all please e-mail me or post to the Bulletin Board. You may want to bookmark this page seperately from our main one so it's easier to get to.

Learn To Fly Better

This is your first and most basic job on Titan. The best way to really get good at flying and evasion is to become a trader. You'll learn everything you need to know about flight, targeting, and defensive flying without the distractions of constant dogfights or getting on someone's Enemy List.

Note that even though I suggest that you start out trading, I don't recommend that you select the "Trader" option at the start of the game. Pick "Scavenger" instead. That way you'll have a drone to pick up anything you see lying around and you won't have Auto-Pilot software. You'll learn to dock manually under fire -- a required skill for the Truly Loyal and Greedy.

Some pages on this site that will help:

Combat Tactics

General Tips

Counter Measures

Trade Basics

Trade Routes

Table of Trade Items

The Geography of Titan

Be A Winning Dogfighter

The best way to to be a good dogfigher is to engage in a lot of fights. Practice, practice, practice. I suggest working for the Police and targeting some of the pirates on their Wanted List. Start out as an "Aggressor" and go straight to the Downtown Crater and then target Police HQ from the Local Services Menu. You can get the Wanted List from any local Police station as well.

Make sure you've got your cell at least half charged before attacking. A pod and drone slow you down, but enable you to scavenge any booty your bounties are carrying. Get used to fighting with a pod and drone as you'll miss most of the opportunities for wealth without them. See if you can kill enough bounties to afford a pod and drone before you get killed.

Always remember the Ultimate Rule: SURVIVE !. Don't hesitate to run if things are going against you. The page links below will give you some more excellent dogfighting advice:

Advanced Tactics (this is a section and not just a page!)

Attacking Multiple Moths

Bounty Hunting



Top Weapons Combinations


Getting Amnesty


Scavenging will sharpen all of your skills. It takes a lot of manuvering to quickly capture cargo from the competing scavengers on Titan. You'll have to stay in place and defend your drone on occassion and you end up with many of the same problems as a Trader. Your payoff is the 100% markup you recieve for goods scavenged for free. Start out as a "Scavenger" for this one.

Start blending in some piracy if you see a target carrying valuable cargo. It's also a good idea to start studying the characteristics of the various Moths and accessories available on Titan. The links below will help you master the way of the drone:


Paul's Drone Tips

Pods & Drones

Moths Main Page


Piracy is the true key to wealth and power on Titan. Every skill of every trade must be mastered to be a successful pilot as well as the ability to gain amnesty from any faction at any time and quickly. For mastering all of this you get the greatest reward of all: Mastery of Titan. You can start having a real effect on the economy, shift trade patterns, afford whatever you want or need.

You should already have the basic skills to be a successful pirate if you've been practicing the above occupations. It's now time to put everything together for the most powerful trade on Titan: Piracy. (Now you know why there's so many pirate symbols on this and other Hardwar sites.)

To begin your pirating career, start out as a "Scavenger" and go straight to Psycho Bob's 1 and fit yourself with a Plasma Kannon. Now your ready to go. Keep an eye out for Downtown Traders 2 & 3 at the very start of the game. Get a Cell #3 as soon as you can afford it.

Review all of the above links with a special eye on The Table Of Trade Goods and Amnesty and then read the following:



Now you're ready to navigate the site by simply using the drop-down nav boxes to pick the area you want to study. You've already read the core pages of the site except for the Walkthrough of the plot that will take you off of Titan. This is my own customized 10-page step-by-step walkthrough honed over two years.

Don't forget that you are free to write me anytime. I answer every single e-mail and have done so since the site was first established. You're also free to post on the Bulletin Board any problem, solution, or comment you may have. You can even schedule a game or chat using our chat room.

Welcome to Captain Zedo's Hardw[a]r Community. Make yourself at home. Visit often. And, most of all, play the game. Then send me your tips. I'm always open to criticism (even flame), and suggestions. It's pilots like you that keep this site growing and keep a wonderful, three year old game alive.

God's speed and Good Luck, Pilot

-- Captain Zedo



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