Trading Startup

by timski


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Here is a method for getting trader pilots developed quickly. It uses a startup option available in the unpatched game, although has only been flown using U2.04. It requires you to work against the clock without making too many mistakes or getting lost, so probably isn't suited to complete newbies. The method can accommodate plot events, although greedy pilots may wish to delay starting the plot by five days.

Start as a Scavenger. Go straight to Psycho Bobs 1 and remove everything that can be removed (laser, drone and pod). Head to MisOp Finance and take a large ($25,000) loan. Hop across to Downtown Moths and buy a Neo Tiger (part-exchange for your Silver-Y). The Moon Moth may be viable alternative - it will leave more cash for buying cargo because it is cheaper with fewer upgrades possible, but ultimately isn't a great cargo ship.

Now head towards Riverside, stopping at Downtown Components to fit one batch of Chaff, Breaker Maker 2 (Downtown, by Gamma tunnel) to get an Engine #3 fitted, and Gamma Trading Post for a Large Pod. Cash will be exceptionally tight, but you should have just enough. Fly to Charlie Wadsworth and take a second $25,000 loan, which is your initial trading cash.

Trade your way up to Downtown for the first plot event. After the alien crash, focus on the highly profitable Narcotics trade centered on Riverside. Remember to keep General Industrial supplied with Chemicals. Break off to run the Decoy mission. Consider purchasing a hangar (I opt for the Derelict Warehouse in Riverside) and upgrading your Cell beforehand. Grab some cargo from Prison Mine on the way back. Return to the Riverside area afterwards and don't immediately try to clear your record with Lazarus. There will be plenty of time for that after you've paid the loan back, and you do not immediately need to venture into Lazarus territory.
Don't waste cash over-equipping your moth initially: You need as much cash as possible to buy cargo. Hologram, software and a few other toys may be desirable, but aren't essential. As your cash grows, and the highly profitable luxury runs fade, invest in a few hangars, consider further moth equipment upgrades, and start moving your trading activity into Downtown.
Once you've repaid the loan at the start of Day 6, you should have a well equipped Neo Tiger, a pair of hangars, and upwards $50,000 in cash.

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