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This site will help you survive your struggle in Misplaced Optimism. It will help you off Titan. Or, if you decide to stay, it will help you develop wealth and GREED.


8 February 2013

Digger's Run 3

"This time Digger is really in trouble - He has been too long, away from the city. His Hangar has been sold with all his goods. No more Neo Tiger, no more Ore processor and his enemies are on his trail..."

Download the saved game for UIM6 patched Hardwar here. It comes with a SAV file and text instructions.

Digger's Run II

Digger is back in trouble again:

"Day 11, Digger has survived in Misplaced Optimism's jungle making money by reselling narcotics stolen to the drug dealers. He has a brand new Neo Tiger, equipped with a laser turret. Eager for fun and freedom after a long captivity in the prison mine, he quickly spent until his last $ in "Pleasure Cubes" and "Homeo Bitches". And height of stupidity he borrowed money to burn in thecasino...

"But the time has come to pay the bill.

"He made many enemies... The drug dealers have promised a big bounty, The Lazarus family want him death or alive and all Titan's corrupted cops avid of juicy bonuses are in pursuit. There is no possible way to avoid his destiny he must defeat his enemies or die.

"Your mission, get rid of your enemies and repay loans before the situation gets uncontrolable..."

Get Digger's Run II here. For more offline challenges Click here.

Hardwar ISOs Back Up

Thanks to RoadDemon who hosts Hardwar US, the ISOs are up and have their own index page. Here's the download:

Hardwar ISOs

This should complete the download link repairs. They should all be working. If you come across a dead download link, please email me at CaptainZedo@mail.com

Big Download Update

I have finished repairing the download links on the site. All of the downloads are now working except for the Hardwar ISOs. I still have to find a host for them and should have them uploaded very soon.

In the meantime, here's a rip I made of Hardwar's music. It's a zip file containing MP3s. Enjoy!

Original Hardwar Music - both discs

Here's a quick link to Ian Martin's UIM06 patch:

Ian Martin's UIM06 patch

The game ISOs (for original version F2.1) should be up in a few days.

Hardwar Enhanced Pack

I've uploaded a very handy Hardwar Goodies package. RustiSwordz sent me this and it includes current versions of Enhanced along with some utilites. I'd also like to thank Pilot for his upload to the bulletin board.

Vin D K8er's Diocomic

Vin D K8er has put a lot of work into a diocomic called Hardwar Evolution. A diocomic uses photographs of figures instead of drawings. Below is a sample panel:

Click the pic above for a full sized view. Click here to download the whole comic (5MB zipped file).

I've also updated some links and put a link to the Player Made Patches page on the main Downloads page.

Digger's Run

Digger has come up with an interesting offline challenge. In his words:

Your name is Digger, and escaped the prison mine, sold the cargo sled you escaped in you drove to Mines Trading Post for $300, bought a fungal sandwich for $6 (which you might regret later), and have bought from Bargain Moths (whether you like it or not) with 2 med loans, an old scav moth with major damage (also tweaked to a tee) with a destroyed drone. Your challenge, be totally debt free at the earliest opportunity.

I've begun the challenge and it's pretty cool. It's making use resources I do not normally use in the game, like the monorail. To get started you need to have your game patched to UIM 6. Next you need to download this zip file. The zip includes a SAV game file for UIM6 that puts you in the situation described above. It also has installation instructions and a few more details in some text files.

For more offline challenges see the main index for them here.

Game Files Back Online

We all have Joe Staff to thank for currently hosting the Hardwar ISOs and the UIM patches. The links on my Get Hardwar page have already been updated.

Thanks again, Joe Staff.

MegaUploads Raid

I'm sure that most of you have heard about the US backed raid of MegaUpload servers and resources worldwide. This means that the legitimate links this site uses for the game ISOs are down. This is temporary and I'm currently looking into new servers. The only links effected are the Hardwar ISOs and related files hosted by MegaUploads.

I'll have the ISOs back up ASAP somewhere and re-linked here on the site. If you know of a good upload site, please email me at CaptainZedo@mail.com.

Recent Illness

Sorry about the lack of updates. They're coming along. Right after I got some alternate site mirrors up, I got very ill. I had intestinal blockage due to adominal adhesions and had to have emergency surgery. My surgery was on November 5th and I'm recovering nicely. I should be more or less back to myself in late December.

I've sorted through several servers and have settled on three:



My undying gratitude go out to the ardent fans that run both Hardwar.info and Hardwar.us for the space. I've got some interesting tips and video setup advice coming soon in a Christmas update.

New Links & Email

I've had to change my email address due to problems with Hotmail. I have changed the links on the site. My new address is:


I've also added a couple of links:

Roaddemon's site that has all of the files you can find here along with a good board/blog.

Skinz, fiction, and all aspects of the game.

Hardwar Music

I've uploaded a zipped file of MP3s of Hardwar's audio tracks. The music is techno and trance and pretty good. Very "Hardwarish". Here's the link.

French Hardwar ISOs Available!

I've just uploaded the French version of the original Hardwar F2.0 discs. All audio and text is in French. Here are the links:

Hardwar F2.0 (French) disc 1

Hardwar F2.0 (French) disc 2

Report any problems to CaptainZedo@mail.com.

Hardwar ISOs Available

I made my own ISOs and darkphoenix found a good host in MegaUploads.com . I've tried some other hosting sites without much luck, but MegaUploads.com is a little better than what I've tried before. I'll be hosting ISOs on various servers linked at this site from now on.

So here are the downloads:

Hardwar F2.01 (original) disc 1

Hardwar F2.01 (original) disc 2

Original SR Patches - including beta patches only available to the beta testers.

Complete Set of Ian Martin (UIM) Patches

These are permanently linked on my Get Hardwar page. I also have text copies of the URLs to the files. Please feel free to add these to your own sites, blogs, and social networking. Stable ISO downloads can really help promote the game.

If there are any problems, write me at CaptainZedo@mail.com . Please note that MegaUploads limits the bandwidth for free downloads. It's not bad, but there's nothing I can do about that.

Hardwar Graphic Novel Site by Nighthawk

Nighthawk has started a Hardwar graphic novel at http://hardwar.freewebspace.com/. Right now he's got some screens and a story started. He's also working on some original art to include. Lets all get over there and show him our support. I like Nighthawk's use of screenshots. They make me feel right at home.

Happy New Year !!

I've got some skins and a great new editor uploaded to start out 2011 right. First up are three skins by As25. Sorry As25 for not getting these up sooner. Click on the thumbnails below for the complete BMP file in a separate window. You will need to download the BMP file to use in the game.

You can download the entire As25 collection in a zipped file here.


Moon Moth


Ouch's Latest Patcher

This is the one he's had on the board. I'll be hosting it on the site. Get it here. It's very easy to use and controls all sorts of things. From the included instructions:

It allows you to easily alter certain statistics in the hardwar game world.Currently you can alter:

Cells: Power Storage, recharge rate, mass.

Engines: Max thrust force, directional thrust force, idle power useage, max power useage, directional power useage, Mass.

Moth Stats: Item ID, Name, Model Name, Mass,Drag Factor, Artic Name, Weapon points, passenger seat, artic ID, Hit points, Price.

Pods: Item ID, Max Item Types, Max Items, Mass, Texture Name, Model Name.

Items: Terminal name, in game name, price, model, mass, description, type.

All the pilot names including: the random ones, random thug ones, and the unique starting pilot names.

With much more on the way!

Download the zipped file of OUCH's patcher here.

Cammo Tiger by Hammer

Hammer makes some great skins and this is one he sent me a few weeks back. Click the pic to get the full-sized, game-ready BMP file (in a new window).

New Progz

I've uploaded a nice solution for those of you who get disk space errors on installing Hardwar. You can download it here. I've also uploaded a vastly improved and updated Ship Editor. These are permanently linked on the patches page.

New Patches!

Above is the Quold's Chicken Moth. Below is Quold's Dread Moth. Click the pix for full sized views and click the links to download the packs. Instructions included.

I've also uploaded the missing Wez files for Wez's world. It's a zipped pack with instructions. I have uploaded an interesting goods monitor for the game. Use with care. I've got it working in the UIM patched version. If you know of any other monitoring programs. Please email me at CaptainZedo@mail.com .

All of these are permanently linked to the Player Patches Page.

Links Updates Coming

Ciaran of Software Refinery has a personal site that has some interesting and random content. His technical Hardwar site is here.

25 Scrap Metal !!

I've never seen this much Scrap Metal. Click the pic above for the full-sized view. I've just killed a pirate at Light Well #2 in Downtown, and this is what he dropped. I usually only see up to 5.

Another Round Of Patch Uploads

I uploaded three new Player Patches. One is Teeth's HardTrek. It gives Hardwar a Star Trek theme and feel. I've also uploaded

Teeth's World Pack. To top things off, I've uploaded a single zipped pack of three hard-to-find worlds by Wez. You can get them here.

I Killed An Alien !!

I've heard of people killing one of the Alien Moths since I started the site, but was never able to do it myself. That changed last week when I caught an alien jammed together with another Moth just outside Trade Central.

I noticed a big pile up of "frozen" Moths and heard the collision noise (irritating, isn't it?). I saw what was happening and decided to kill the trader the Alien was colliding with. I figured that this would free the Alien to fly away and the other moths would go about their business. It worked better than expected.

I carefully got to just within laser range, but far enough out where I wouldn't be paralyzed by the Alien ship. This can be done. Plasma Kannon makes the pilot have to get too close, but lasers have a little more range. I started hitting the trader, but noticed I was hitting the Alien. I knew that the Alien could be damaged, so I kept it up. The Alien shortly blew into chunks of Unknown Origin. I ended up having to fight off the Trader who attacked me as soon as the Alien was destroyed and the Moths were no longer frozen.

This was the first time in countless games that I destroyed the Alien. The Alien Moths do get stuck quite a bit and can be a nuisance. Now I know how to clear that up!

Game Download And Updated Installation Guide

After a long wait. I've uploaded a Patched Demo Pak. It includes the original Hardwar Demo, the UIM06 patch, and a new installation guide. This will give you a completely playable game. The installation guide includes some troubleshooting hints from the bulletin boards.

I've also updated the Installation Guide to reflect new ideas on troublshooting DirectX 10+ video problems. More on this on the way. Prohpet has recommended making some FAQs on installation and gameplay. That's a great idea and I'm working on them now. I'll keep them on the site and both boards. Thanks, Prophet.

More updates and uploads on the way. I'm still looking for a server to host the whole game's ISOs. In the meantime, you can get the full game at BumPatrol. Note that you have to download the game's audio in a separate download also hosted on their site.

MORE Player-Patches Uploaded

I've uploaded the three more player-made patches to a new patches page: ResEdit, MapTest, and SHPEditor. I expect to have all of the old Hardwar.info stuff up before the end of the month.

I've also uploaded the original UIM02 Patch. This was Ian Martin's original second series patch. It's permanently linked on the Downloads Page.

Please email me any patches and ReadMe files you may have so I can make a complete database of patches.

First Player-Patches Uploaded

I've uploaded the first of the player-made patches to a new page on the site. I expect to have all of the old Hardwar.info stuff up before the end of the month.

If you have any patches you don't see listed, please write me at CaptainZedo@mail.com to see if I need it. If I do, you can just email it to me. I certainly appreciate all of the help I've gotten from you guys during this site update.

More Changes Coming!

I've updated the Getting Exotic Moths page with the new, fast recipe for getting Downtown Moths to run through its production cycle. Get your fleet cheap!

Write me if you know of any tips on making this procedure more effeicent or how to get hold of any of the needed components. My best tip: hold on to 16 Ore as soon as you can. It can get scarce around Downtown around Day 7 or so.

More Changes Coming!

Give the new site search engine to the left a try. I'm also working on a new page of indexes that will better organize the site. I'm getting ready to upload a big batch of skins, screenshots, and tips I've collected over the year.

I got the new bulletin board started over the weekend. I've got some more changes in store.

One thing I'd like to do is update and organize my links. I could really use your help. Go over my Links Page and email me with any problems you find. I want to delete obsolete entries (except for Software Refinery's) and include new sites not listed. I'm particularly interested in getting updates for player made patches.

New Bulletin Board Started

I've just completed testing on a new bulletin board. It's very much like the current one. The current one has quit accepting new memebers and I'm getting 2 or 3 emails from new members about this daily. There are still a lot of people taking up Hardwar or dusting off the CDs after a break.

The new board's URL is http://hardwar.proboards.com/.Please write me with any problems or gripes you have with the new board. Note that I will keep the current board going as long as people keep posting. There's no rush to close it, but I need a board for new players to join.

Keep an eye on the site this week for new content indexing and a new site search engine. There's a lot of new material I've put up over the past year that seems to have been lost in the old menu system. I'm going to make a series of indexes, a site map, and add a site search engine to make the content easier to locate.

New Skins By RustiSwordz

RustiSwordz has sent me the three really nice skins below. Click the pic for a larger JPG view and the link for a zipped bitmap download.

FirePurple - hawk skin

FirePurple Zipped Bitmap

Check out more skins for all moths here!

New Tips And Link

I got some really neat missile and quick kill tips from Jhodas.I gave them a whole page in the Weapons section here.

I've also received all sorts of cool ideas from Libelnon. I'll be adding more from him in the future, but for now I'm adding his method of dealing with the rivals out to kill you when you play Hardwar as The Dealer. Here's the page.

I've also added another link. It's to Shinobi's Place where there's a lot of modding for several games including Hardwar. I've also added a great Vista installation and compatibility tip from Andrew P on the Installaton Page.

New Hawk Skin

As25 sent me this Hawk skin called "BlackHawk". Download the zipped bitmap here. Check out other Hawk skins here.


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