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NOTE: Some links in the older entries may no longer be in service.

06 June 2004

Wow! I can't believe it's been a year since I've updated the "Updates" page. Of course, I've been adding skins, patches, tips, and improving the site. The site will turn 5 years old this month!

10 June 2003

I've made several updates since my last entry here. I've uploaded a ton of new skins. The site is almost 4 years old!

17 March 2003

I've uploaded the remaining U3.00 beta patches and posted some new links.

11 March 2003

I've made a previous update I didn't record here. It included the first of the U3.00 beta patches and was very well received. In this update I've added the second beta patch and some new offline challenges and skins.

19 January 2003

The year has gotten off on a terrible note. SR has filed for voluntary liquidation. They are no more.

30 December 2002

I've started the HardWar Desktop Themes section with a theme of my own. I'm expecting viewer's to send in many more.

15 December 2002

I've been steadily updating the site with profiles and screenshots. I've uploaded a desktop theme and hopefully will have more of these in the future.

07 November 2002

I've uploaded an Interactive HUD Tour and updated many links and profiles.

28 October 2002

I've uploaded some great screenshots and the new Arborwood board seems to be catching on.

24 October 2002

I've uploaded some new skins from Jaded Falcon.

22 October 2002

I've been updating daily and catching up with the Hardwar news. I've mostly been updating my links. I added the new Arborwood bulleting board.

18 October 2002

It's been a long time since my last update. I've added a troubleshooting guide for USB joysticks and some hacks to make the game load faster. I still don't have a board up and will probably wait until I finish coding my own.

19 August 2002

I've made a couple of updates since my last entry here. The big news is that I've had to change the bulletin board to EZ Boards because the old BeSeen system is going out of business. I'll miss that old board.

I've also uploaded a lot of skins and a wallpaper. Fox found a secret tunnel in the game that's been hidden from normal play. It becomes accessible in the U3.00 patch.

16 July 2002

Hey, the site's now over three years old. I can't thank all of you guys enough for the site's success. I've uploaded a skin and some screenshots and changed the poll.

21 June 2002

I've updated some links and added RustiSword's Hording Challenge.

14 June 2002

It's been a while since my last update, but I've made up for it with plenty of screenshots, tips, cheats, a new bulletin board, and more.

22 May 2002

I've finally processed and uploaded Arachnid's Grey Skins. Thanks, Arachnid.

19 May 2002

I've uploaded a new link and Fedor von Bock's method for killing aliens and snagging the extra Unknown Origin.

11 May 2002

I've uploaded some more of foetus' skins and some other stuff.

02 April 2002

I've added several skins from foetus as well as some good screenshots.

21 April 2002

I've changed the site's navigation to one using main links and indexes. I think that the link descriptions afforded by indexes will more than make up for the extra click.

11 April 2002

I've added a wallpaper and updated some questions we've had concerning tac-nukes and arming Syd's Moon Moth.

27 March 2002

I've been a little lazy on the updates. I put up some screenshots and updated the usual weekly stuff.

09 March 2002

I've updated my "faction elimination" scheme as well as some new Wallpaper from foetus.

01 March 2002

I've added some final touches to the "Getting Exotic Moths" page. I've also added a page of strategies on how to pirate someone when your Pod is full.

22 February 2002

I've uploaded more on Moth production, Reaper's UO selling tick and a workaround for installing Hardwar under Windows 2000.

15 Februray 2002

I've uploaded a moth production breakthrough and am dealing with yet more bulletin board problems.

08 February 2002

I've put up a lot of items throughout the week. I've overhauled the links and trade sections and put up an article on hoarding goods.

I've moved the bulletin board back to BeSeen after disatisfaction with the Delphi board. I should have a custom board coded soon.

03 February 2002

I've moved the bulletin board off of Delphi and back to BeSeen after consistent pilot complaints about Delphi. This should hold us until I get a custom board coded.

02 February 2002

Big update. I've determined that the site's bulleting board is thoroughly dead. I've set a new one up at Delphi and it's fully featured. I've also added some new tips and such.

18 January 2002

I've added three great new skins and some tips. I'm beginning to code a bulletin board for the site. The current one works, but is fatally slow. I've recommended the community use Reaper's bulletin board in the meantime.

10 January 2002

Another new year. I took some time away from the site for the holidays, but stayed on top of my email and the bulletin board. The board's having problems and I'm going to write one of my own. I've uploaded some screenshots, WinAmp controls, and lots of new tactical tips.

21 December 2001

I've uploaded a lot of new "Death Giver" skins from Vin D K8er. I've also been experimenting a lot more with destroying the factions. I'll be reporting on this later. I've chatted a lot with Vampire this week and he sent me a cool screenshot.

I'm considering coding a custom bulletin board for the site. After that, I may make a site upadate that will improve navigation and finding things here.

04 December 2001

I've updated the site with more dogfighting tips, screenshots, and "cow" skins. I've also updated the Archives and some of the details about the various moths.

21 November

It's been about two weeks since my last update and I made up for it with content. Three new skins. New hangar availability data from timski. And, an article on how I find and work dogfights for profit.

09 November 2001

Wow! It's been a couple of weeks since I've updated the site. I've added a new box cover and some good hangar tips from timski. I'll be culling my links seciton shortly. Still waiting for the U3.00 patch!

19 October 2001

I've made a pretty big update and fixed problems on the bulletin board. I've uploaded some new skins and screenshots. I found some good images of HardWar boxes. timski reported some interesting Gang activities -- making/selling contraband.

08 October 2001

I made a big update this week. Several screenshots and a new Swallow skin from Matt Stryker. I added some new regular features for the main page: "Business Of The Week" and "Site Of The Week". The "Weekly Poll", "Around The HardW[a]r World", and "Odds & Ends" will remain regular weekly features as well.

30 September 2001

WOW!! What a day! 0catch.com pulled the site without warning. The bulletin board went down. I had an update almost ready.

Lucky for me, Luke of Red Chip offered me some good web space and had just sent me the FTP uploading info. So, I've spent the whole night uploading and then updating the site at its new location at http://zedo.hardwar.org.uk/ . Thanks for everything, Luke. You really saved me a lot of trouble.

28 September 2001

I've made a big update today. I've uploaded the U2.04 patch and will start offering the patch for download. Jim Kluza sent me an ICQ skin with a Hardwar theme for downloading. I've also had to fend off a hacker this week. I hope the hacking's over for the time being.

20 September 2001

It's not really been a month since I've updated the site, but I've just now gotten around to updating this page. I've made some major upgrades like reorganizing the links section and adding a lot more tips and graphics.

I had to move the site for the second and third time due to server problems. 50megs.com went crappy and wanted to charge me. I moved to ProHosting that pulled the site because uploading the site caused a server spike. I've finally found a nice home for the site at 0catch.com.

24 August 2001

I've changed the poll and added some new screenshots and skins. I've updated how to get pirate hangars and got a great new Swallow recipe from bedwine.

18 August 2001

I've added a new poll for an election of the "Loyalest and Greediest Pilot".

11 August 2001

I've added some screenshots from players and some new links. I've updated some trading pages with info on pirates. I've also reported most of the results of my experimental games. The mysteries of Titan are being illuminated slowly, but surely.

04 August 2001

I've updated all of the big issues like "flying high", "priate hangars", and "the second alien crash". I've also added a link and some more Hammer screenshots.

23 July 2001

This update is a little late, but it's a good one. I've uploaded seven screenshots from Shrekken as well as a skin from FireSlash. OmEgA gave me a lot of data on buying pirate hangars and I rewrote that page. I also included three great new links.

12 July 2001

I've uploaded some skins and wallpapers and pilot profiles. I've been finding out a lot of oddities about how the hangars work and how AI pilots are spawned and am regularly posting my updates.

07 July 2001

I was bored of trying to buy pirate hangars and decided to play a game where I killed off all of the Police Enforcers. I killed 80 before recieving an error message just like some previous pilots have. I've uploaded details and screenshots of my experience. Use those tunnels.

07 July 2001

I've made great breakthroughs in the acquistion of pirate and other special hangars in the game. I've posted my current results in a second hangar page and will try to see if buying all of the "spawning" hangars will result in the game being unable to generate new pilots.

04 July 2001

I've uploaded an interactive map marking the locations of great hangars to own in Misplaced Optimism. I've also uploaded some tips and pilot profiles.

03 July 2001

I've completely rewritten the Amnesty Page. I've also updated the patch news and added some tips and Pilot Profiles.

02 July 2001

I've uploaded some new pilot profiles and screenshots a new link.

28 June 2001

Hey the site will be 2 years old in a couple of days. I've uploaded some more pilot profiles and screenshots. I've also uploaded a map of plot related sites.

27 June 2001

My evening update included some upgrades to the new detailed maps and adding a few folks to the pilot profiles page. More skins and screenshots.

27 June 2001

I've been in a flury of updates the past couple of days. I've added pilot profiles, skins, screenshots, and I've begun making detailed maps of Titan

25 June 2001

I've added more pilot profiles and Shrekken's Hardwar Icons. Also some more news on the mysterious Chemicals R Us.

23 June 2001

I've started the Pilot's Profiles and uploaded some screenshots and added four links.

20 June 2001

I've added some screenshots and a cheat file. I've also addes some new links.

02 June 2001

It's not really been two weeks since the last update. I've been adding screenshots, tips, and skins throughout the past month without posting each one here. The current update includes major upgrades to the Getting Exotic Moths page as well as to other trading pages. The Interactive Map is nearly completed and I'm considering breaking it up into individual, more detailed, crater maps.

18 May 2001

I'm back up to updating the site every week. It's pretty easy coming up with material when you guys send me so many good screenshots, skins, and tips. I've uploaded some more screenshots and had to add a new screenshots page. I've also inlcuded one shot as a new wallpaper. It's at the bottom of the page.

Check out Nar Sluke's site. He's made a major upgrade. He also sent me some more great trading tips for his trading column on this site.

10 May 2001

I've not put in the amount of time I usually do on the site. I've got another site to get up and it's taken a lot of my time this past week. I still managed to upload some really great screenshots you guys have sent me and announce Sir Lancelot's incredible feat of killing 380 Police Enforcers, preventing the game from producing any more. Way to go, Sir Lancelot.

29 April 2001

I've done a lot of little things I've been promising for awhile. First I put a link to the Links Page on the main top and bottom nav bars. I'm hoping this will make the Links Page easier to find and help fellow Hardwar Webmasters to get more visitors. I've also updated the Interactive Map.

Another good Hardwar site has opened. It's Dazza's Tales Of Greed. It's a Hardwar fiction site with many other features.

18 April 2001

I've been fleshing out the Interactive Map. I've finished marking all of the trading posts, plot-related sites, and weapons dealers. I'm currently working on marking the best hangars to own.

15 April 2001

I've actually made two updates within the week. The most important one was the initial uploading of the Interactive Map Of Titan along with a Text Index of a few of Titan's more important locations. This is just a start, it will be growing quickly.

01 April 2001

I've added a lot of screenshots, skins, and some tips. I'm back to being able to update the site at least weekly. Send me your skins and screenshots.

22 March 2001

I've finished rewriting the walkthrough. I'll have a downloadable version available soon. The new walkthrough includes extra pages on finding the Lazarus Secret Base, the Klamp-G Secret Base, and Entering Lazarus Hightower.

18 March 2001

I've begun rewriting the walkthrough. I've added very detailed directions to the Laz Secret Base and the Klamp-G Secret base. The new directions come complete with screenshots for each step of the way.

I also updated Vin D K8er's link. His new site is really great. It's laid out like a newspaper.

13 March 2001

I've uploaded some screenshots and moved the site to 50megs.com. Make sure to update your bookmarks. The bulletin board is still on its original server and can be bookmarked separately.

I've made some notes about the future of the site. Please read and write me telling me what you'd like to see. That's what keeps the site growing.

07 March 2001

I've added a lot of new skins and some screenshots courtesy of HARDMAN, Puma, and Hammer. I also added an Using Tunnels page. I plan to get started on rewriting the walkthrough next week.

I'm also writing more on Hangars. E-mail me any good hangars you know of. I'm going to dedicate a page each to the best hangars on Titan complete with screenshots. NeoPanda has sent me a good hangar tip that's currently posted on my regular Hangar Page.

16 February 2001

I've added some new skins and screenshots. I like the screenshots of the new skins in action.

14 February 2001

I've updated the Dealer occupation and added Timski's monorail tip of using the "n" key when waiting for a monorail to see a map of monorail activity.

12 February 2001

I've uploaded some screenshots of skinned Moths. They're looking pretty good. I've also updated for the U2.04 patch release.

08 February 2001

The new patch is out and I've taken a day off just to play around with it and upgrade the site. I've already added info about the new occupation, Dealer. I've also found out about the new weapon. I'm glad that Software Refinery released the info about using the "Control+K" keys to take sequential screenshots. Wish I knew that a year ago.

07 February 2001

Software Refinery is finished testing the U2.02 patch and is close to releasing it. It includes all sorts of stuff including a working monorail and a new mystery weapon.

I've also addes some skins from Silvershark.

30 January 2001

You've probably noticed the site updates if you've been here before. I've streamlined and reorganized the site's navigation. I added some badly needed new material. I also uploaded many of the skins I'd gotten behind on. Be sure to go through the links list carefully and check out the new stuff.

22 January 2001

I've changed the link to HARDMAN'S page and announced that Redeemer is working on a game-editing program for Hardwar. The new patch should be out soon.

11 January 2001

I've uploaded a lot of things today. I added Shadowalker's Gallery, a new "invisible" skin from Hammer (scroll down to his section). I also uploaded skins from Zero Cool and dyar1.

02 January 2001

Added some more skins. Shrekken wrote to tell me he's got several skins on his site, too. Check 'em out.

01 January 2001

Wow. Already an important update and it's only the first day of the New Year. I've begun a skin library with submissions from Hammer, Shrekken, and Redeemer. Check out the new Neo-Tiger skins here. I expect this section to have a page for each moth and tons of player submissions.

If you want to submit a skin, download the base skin and edit it in any image/drawing program. Make sure to keep it as a bitmap. That's the only format the game understands. Zip the bitmap and e-mail it to me. Please zip your files first. JPG and GIF are great for viewing, but won't work in the game. Please use zipped bitmap files for submissions.

Get WinZip here.

31 December 2000

Happy Hard Year, all Loyal and Greedy Pilots. Software Refinery has pre-released the Neo-Tiger skin for us to modify as we wish in any text editor. The skin and instructions are here.

27 December 2000

I've uploaded some great Swallow Screenshots taken by Hammer. I don't know how he gets these things set up. Hope everyone had a good time over the holidays and is looking forward to a great New Year. Is it me, or is Hardwar going to be four years old (five?) this upcoming year? How many games are still getting upgraded and making news that late in life?

22 December 2000

Software Refinery has come through again and big time. The new U2.01 upgrade repairs many video crashes, offers more video options, and above all presents a new Moth: The Swallow. It's fast, sleek, and an excellent "Trader's" Moth. Not bad in a dogfight, either. Thanks to Jeff for telling us where we can find one.

14 December 2000

Good news from Software Refinery. They're close to fixing the video bugs in the new patch. Maybe we'll get an early holiday present. While I was at their site, I snagged a couple of new images: Another shot of the New Moth and an early concept drawing of the game.

01 December 2000

I uploaded Software Refinery's quick workaround for the patched game's 3dfx problems. It doesn't solve the crash in the Mines, but it's a big help. Read about the workaround here.

26 November 2000

I've uploaded some more pix for Hammer's Gallery and uploaded a link to Crazy's Page. I've also been monitoring SR's forum and they really seem to be hard at work on the patch's video problems. YeeHa!

19 November 2000

I've been messing with graphics tonight and have several offerings. Qu[a]rk and Xaffax have developed a Hardwar skin for Winamp that you can download here. I've made a collection of screenshot logos for various factions that are suitable for wallpaper (black backgrounds). You can download a zip file of five bitmap logos here. I also have updated Hammer's Gallery with some new screenshots he's mailed me. Thanks for all your hard work guys.

18 November 2000

I've added a New Pilot's Secton. I've had some e-mails saying that the site was a little confusing for new Hardwar pilots to navigate. This section with its prominent link on the main page should help to alleviate the problem. If any new pilots have a question, e-mail me. If you're not familiar with the site, let me assure you that I answer all of my e-mail and no Hardwar pilot is ever a bother no matter how simple or complex the question or comment.

I'm counting on some of the old pirates to help me debug any problems with the New Pilot's Section. Mistakes here could well cause someone to quit playing the most rewarding game ever made. I remember when I started out that I almost deleted the demo and forgot about Hardwar because I had so much trouble just getting out of the initial hangar.

I've also made some cosmetic changes to the Main Page. I'm hoping to have the site be more accurate in reflecting that it has become the product of dozens of people and not just myself.

17 November 2000

I've uploaded two new galleries of screenshots: Hammer's Gallery and Blaze's Gallery. Thanks for the pix, guys.

15 November 2000

I've been busying myself with minor patch updates as they come in. I've posted a couple of screenshots from Blaze. Here's one and here's another. He's also started his own site. Click here to visit it.

I've also posted some news from DAN. Nar Sluke has told me that he plans on hosting more online games. He likes wiping out the factions with human allies.

07 November 2000

I've uploaded yet some new news on the patch and cloning.

06 November 2000

I've been playing through the plot and discovering all sorts of new things about the patched game. My findings can be found on the Main Page, the Patch Page, and the new Cloning Page. Keep those tips and discoveries coming to me at CaptainZedo@mail.com or try to catch me on Yahoo! Messenger by the name captain_zedo

06 November 2000

I've been posting some daily patch updates on the main page and am checking out some of the things that you guys have been writing me about. I intend to play through the plot tonight and try out some of the things you're interested in. I'll have a full report on my Patch Page soon.

03 November 2000

Well, I finally got some sleep and woke up to start looking over the new files in the patch. I've listed the description of teh files toward the bottom of my Patch Page. I also went to Software Refinery's forum and was pleased to see that they're actively monitoring their forum and are at work on fixing some of the patch's video problems.

03 November 2000

I'm still up and learning all I can about the patch. You can review my results on my new Patch Page. If you discover something about the new patch, please e-mail me. I'll post the tip with a credit to you so include your pilot name.

02 November 2000

Well, what can I say, THE PATCH IS HERE !!!!!! It includes three new start up Moths and some other new features. Keep checking the HardNews section of my Main Page to keep up with what all the patch can do.

23 October 2000

I've made a lot of small uploads lately. Nar Sluke and Venom have sent me all sorts of good trading and missile tips. Biggest news: Nar Sluke told me that if you use GroundBase to attack a ship, you won't get placed on any "wanted lists". The attack doesn't register.

8 October 2000

I've been a little delayed in updating due to my workload, but I managed to get some really good tips from Nar Sluke up. You can find the best amnesty advice I've been given on my Amnesty Page. Look for the box near the bottom.

I owe a big thanks to Xaffax for getting me a copy of Hardwar version F1.2. It's a French version and has a few things that the current versions don't have. I'll be reporting more on this later. I've played the older version online and it seems to run smoother with one other pilot pilot playing. Thanks to Phantom, Icedragon, MOJO, and Nar Sluke for enduring the suprise of playing the game with French controls and building tags. Doesn't take long to learn the French for the weapons, does it, guys?

22 September 2000

I've been doing some general housekeeping to the site. Biggest news is that AXE has completed both Ashlocke's Challenge and Nar Sluke's Challenge. Click his name in the right column and read his notes about each challenge.

I also uploaded a link to Nar Sluke's Page. It's a keeper. He's done a lot of studying of Titan's economy and is the first person I know of to have it completely mapped out.

8 September 2000

My second update today. I've added a link to Silver's Hangar and uploaded Police Guard 3's Challenge. I'll be uploading some more tips over the weekend. I'm still trying to figure out a good way to organize the general tips.

8 September 2000

I can't believe it's been over a month since my last update. I'm waiting for some information to come in about a challenge and some new links and I'll get everything up ASAP. I'm still avidly playing the game nearly every day as I have for two years. I've got one game going now where there are only two Laz fighters in the whole game. Of course, the game will generate more if I enter Laz craters, but this is about as close as I've come to wiping out a faction.

6 August 2000

I've been making some corrections to glaring errors on the site. I appreciate all of the help I've gotten in tracking down typo's and bad data. Special thanks to Nar Sluke and dyar1 for pointing out some errors.

31 July 2000

I uploaded a link to Sivlershark's Flight Academy. I think this will turn out to be a really good page.

Congratulations, Mr. Grumpy, on completing Venom's Challenge.

27 July 2000

Big thanks to Matt Stryker for re-doing my pirate flag. I've uploaded the new grapic and it looks great. I'm also fixing dyar1's link. It's a great site and really deserves a visit. He's written saying he's going to orient his site for more experienced pilots.

17 July 2000

I've uploaded Nar Sluke's Challenge and added Ouch's Patch Page to my links.

16 July 2000

I've finally finished the new Geography section and saved some handy advice on a new Navigation Page. If you have any navigation tips, this is where they'll end up.

I also added supply tables to Getting A Death's Head and Police L-2000 page and the Fusion Cell page. I think the tables will help you find the stuff you need to trade to get the valuable items.

Xaffax is the first to complete Venom's Challenge. He claims it was easy, but I don't see any other names posted as winners yet.

12 July 2000

I've been pretty busy getting some new stuff ready to upload. I'm making some major upgrades and trying to organize all of the tips I've gotten. I've uploaded a whole new type of Table of Trade Items. It's kind of like a search engine. I've uploaded Nar Sluke's Trade Tips. Essential tips for any trader. Finally I've added the new champions of Xaffax's Challenge. They are Xaffax, himself, and Quark. Xaffax is reigning champion with a time of only 20 days. Quark was right behind him with 21 days. Great going, guys !!

29 June 2000

I've uploaded the promised TCP/IP settings and software that will smooth out many laggy online games. Use these settings whether you're joining or hosting a game, espcially if you are hosting. You can get everything you need here.

I've also uploaded Ouch's game patch that allows the player to do all sorts of things taboo in the current version of Hardwar. Read more here.

27 June 2000

The site will be one year old in a couple of days. I've uploaded a short retrospective that shows some of the first pages and an evolutionary tour of the site's growth. Scroll to the bottom of this page and you can still see the very first "Updates" entry. All of the update reports are still here. I haven't deleted any.

A big thanks to all you Loyal and Greedy Pilots who make this site possible.

24 June 2000

I've made some important discoveries as to how the bouty system works on Titan. Your bounty goes up with each infraction or full day you remain on an Enemies List. The maximum bounty is 2000. Further infractions past this level will have the Police and Gangs send an Enforcer out after you. Laz and Klamp don't use Enforcers as such.

I've updated several pages using this information: Amnesty, Enforcers, How Your Enemies Are Armed, and Piracy.

I've started an "Offline Challenges" section available from the nav box to your right in the black column. Currently there are two challenges: Xaffax's and Paul's. Both are very worth while. If you met one of these challenges, e-mail me about your success and send me some notes on your adventure. I'll post your name on the challenge's page with a link to your notes. If you have a challenge you'd like to see presented just write it out with goals and limitations and e-mail it to me

22 June 2000

I discoverd from the bulletin board that Software Refinery's site is down. I'm not sure why, but I hope they're upgrading. If they've moved and you find them, please e-mail me.

I also added a credit for Xquisitor. He is the Loyal and Greedy Pilot who first gave me the idea of staying behind in the Port Crater at the end of the plotline until all of the pilots gunning for me had killed themselves. They leave behind all sorts of booty like Fusion Cells, all sorts of nuclear stuff, and weapons. Booty galore. Thanks Xquisitor. I also added his and Iman's name to the pilots that have added to this page as a whole. Thanks again, guys.

19 June 2000

I've uploaded a lot of frequently requested items. First is the How To Get A Death's Head and Police L-2000 page. Yes, you can get a Police Moth in the regular offline game through legitimate trading. Loyal and Greedy pilot dyar1 was right.

I've also uploaded a description of How I Play The Game. I've gotten a lot of enquiries as to how I make so much money without cheating. Here are my secrets.

I also uploade a page for Xaffax's Challenge. You've got to try this at least once. It really brings out the best in the game. When you've succeeded, e-mail me about your success. Tell me what you did, what you thought about it, and how many days it took you to complete. I think some more offline challenges are just around the corner.

15 June 2000

I uploaded a new screenshot that shows just a small part of the booty left behind by pilots that follow me into the Port Crater at the end of the plot. I've also posted a link to dyar1's HARDW[A]R HQ. He's just getting the site up, but as regulars to this site know, dyar1 knows his stuff.

I also added a new Fusion Cell Page. It presents your best bets for getting a Fusion Cell as early as possible.

10 June 2000

I've been cleaning up the new site formatting. The big news is the Web-based HardWar Chatroom. Lord Xavier set it up on Homestead. Check it out and e-mail me what you think about the interface.

In other news, Zero Cool is trying to get together a group of HardWar pilots with programming experience to make a player-generated patch for the game. Good luck, Zero Cool. If you can help, go to his site and e-mail him.

24 May 2000

I've added a link to Zero Cool's new HardWar site. It's really worth a visit. He's got a lot of stuff up and he's just starting.

22 May 2000

I've added some small pics to the weapon's tables on my Cannons, Missiles, and Defense pages. If you like little additions like this, I'll post more. Write me and tell me if you like these graphical addition or if they just slow the page's loading.

20 May 2000

I'm still getting caught up on the site since the big upgrade. I've uploaded a link to Lord Xavier's. It's a really slick HardWar site. I also uploaded MagMar's saved game where he gets a legit Fusion Cell early in the game by defeating an "experimental" Neo-Tiger while he's piloting a Silver-Y. You can check out the F2.0 version here. The version F2.1 copy is here.

Keep an eye peeled on my Links Page. I think there are going to be a couple of new sites there soon.

17 May 2000

Well, there's no rest for the weary. Stuff just keeps pouring in that needs to be posted. I read Matt Stryker's post on getting 3dfx to work and went right into experimentation mode. I got the procedure to work on two out of two machines. I've added the procedure to the site on my 3dfx Workaround page. Credit should also go to Ouch. He was the first pilot that I know of that got 3dfx to work with HardWar and discovered the advantages of "windowed" mode play.

16 May 2000

It seems like a long time since my last big update so I wanted to make it an event. I've reformatted the whole site, added a slicker look, and added several new pages to The Moth and Life On Titan sections. Check 'em out and tell me what you think here.

8 March 2000

I uploaded some game notes about a good cooperative game called Laz Attack. It was a really good game where Ouch, Delta Knight, and Goober joined me in wiping out the Lazarus Family.

24 February 2000

I've uploaded some new online game reports in the Online News Section. Keep an eye on the Hosting Page for upcoming details on adjustments that make HardWar run more smoothly over TCP/IP (Internet) connections.

24 February 2000

Wow! It's been more than a week since my last update. I know there were a few days when the site couldn't be accessed. As far as I know, it was a temporary shortage of bandwidth at my server and has been cleared up. Thanks to all for alerting me to the problem. In case it happens again, you may want to bookmark the bulletin board separately from the main site. The bulletin board is on another server.

I'm still working on the online game finding software and will be uploading some notes from some interesting online games soon.

16 February 2000

I've just about finished the Online Section. I've uploaded Rules ??, Online Problems, and Online Options. I'm still working on the online game search program and pilot sign-up.

I haven't heard any more about the patch yet. As soon as I get any news, I'll post it on the site.

09 February 2000

I've uploaded the Multiple Attacks and General CrueltyPages to the Online Tactics section.

08 February 2000

Check out all of the new Oline Section pages. The Tactics Pages are really good. Not everything is uploaded yet, but there's more than enough to keep you busy until I upload the rest. Write and tell me what you think.

07 February 2000

My second update today. I've recieved some exciting news from Software Refinery. First, the New Moth won't be in the upcoming patch, but in a SECOND PATCH. Now that's some exciting news indicating a much renewed interest in HardWar by Software Refinery. It was also mentioned that the New Moth's wings will fold up when it enters hangars and that it has not been named yet. I suggest that they call it a "Zedo". Keep up the good work Software Refinery !!

07 February 2000

Some great news folks. There's going to be a New Moth introduced with the HardWar Update. I've also learned that the general patch release is currently scheduled for Spring, 2000. Look at the New Moth here.

In other site news, I'm half way through writing all of the new Onine pages and should be uploading the new section by the end of the week.

05 February 2000

Seems like things are really hoppin' on Titan. I recieved two screenshots from the upgraded, patched version of HardWar from Sofware Refinery. Here they are: pic 1, pic 2. Great for Wallpaper and you found 'em here first. The fog was set way back and the clarity and detail are just great. Gotta quit writing and slobber a little bit. I don't think the patch will be too far behind.

04 February 2000

Thanks to NightStar I've converted all of the saved games for HardWar version F2.0. You can download these games here. They're the same games available for version F2.1. I thank all of you F2.0 users for your patience. If you have any trouble with saved games or anything else, e-mail me. See you online tonight.

03 February 2000

I'm just on a roll. Had a good game last night with Ouch. You can read about it here. A real live patch seems coming along. And I still had time to surf for yet another HardWar site: HardWar Headquarters. It's a slick, clean site and well worth a look. I'll probably be having another online game Thursday night. Check the site's main page and the bulletin board for the exact time. I can't wait to see you all in Misplaced Optimism. And thank you all again for everything you've done for the site.

02 February 2000

Of course the big news is THE PATCH. A beta version is available. You'll need to go to Software Refinery's site and fill out a registration form. When you get the patch, write me and tell me what you think.

30 January 2000

Had a good online game Saturday Night. Here are the notes about the game. Also make sure to read my Notes about the future of the site.

27 January 2000

Please, read my Notes about upcoming features to the site. I know I've been slacking a little. I was pretty busy over the holidays. I'm going to start hosting regular online games and am near getting a T3 server to run HardWar. More info here.

Yeah, I've put some political banners on my site. So, check out Steve Forbes and, if you don't like him, blast me in the next online game. Listen to some of his radio broadcasts concerning USA government waste. It's a riot in a sad sort of way. I'm a very political person and try to keep it off the site, but there's just something about the circus of American politics in an election year. . .

15 January 2000

I've uploaded ouch.zip from Ouch. This saved game gives you a cannon called a Death Ray. I didn't even know this weapon existed !! Just goes to show that there's a lot more than meets the eye in HardWar.

17 December 1999

I've updated Software Refinery's e-mail address on the site. The links should be working now.

13 December 1999

I've been doing little things around the site off and on since the last update. Mostly I've been keeping up with my links. It seems that a lot of HardWar sites have been going offline or moving. If you know of any new HardWar sites, please e-mail me.

In other news, I've not been hosting many games lately because of extra work that builds up around the holidays. All of my Web clients want their sites updated for Christmas. I'm getting caught up and will probably be hosting games more frequently. I tend to host games around eight or nine in the evening Eastern Time. I'm planning an update of the Tips Section later this week. I've gotten a lot of good ideas from EvilMax and Ashlocke. Thanks guys.

If anyone out there knows of any new HardWar sites, or would like to start one themselves, e-mail me. I'll help you start a site any way I can. Maybe we can get a living, breathing HardWar Webring going.

04 November 1999

M888 has found another online retailer of the HardWar CDs: DiscoSoft. They've been in the online business for quite a while and are reputable.

I also added two very interesting interviews with Software Refinery's Ciaran Gultnieks and Ade Careless. The interviews were taken from "A Talent For War" and are a year old, but I think they give a flavor of what the development and initial distribution of HardWar was like.

03 November 1999

I'm not sure why Software Refinery has changed their URL. If you've heard anything, please e-mail me. I've updated my links to reflect their new URL.

The big news is that I've added a link to a reliable online retailer, NZ Internet Shop, that has the full version of HardWar on sale. M888 found the link. Make sure to check out the other stuff they carry. I've been pleased so far with the online activity. I'm looking into ways to make HardWar run smoother. I'm also in the midst of drawing detailed maps of Misplaced Optimism that should be posted by Christmas. I'm hoping to plot every hangar with cross-referencing and other goodies.

21 October 1999

I've added a section with instructions for Online HardWar. The game itself lets you set yourself up as a host or join an online game. I've hosted a game that went okay until my ISP disconnected me.

Keep an eye on the bulletin board for people hosting games, or host your own and announce it on the bulletin board. Games I host will be announced right under the title on the main page of this site. You won't miss it. If you see the 'Join Online Game Now' link, click it and it will give you the information you need to connect with my game. If you don't get through the first time wait a minute or two and try again. If there are any questions out there just e-mail me.

18 October 1999

I've uploaded the Bounty Hunting and Piracy pages. The Piracy page contains my favorite method for starting a game of HardWar with quick riches in mind.

17 October 1999

I uploaded Hardcop which is a saved game that lets you fly a Police Moth (L2000). I also added the Police Moth stats to the Moths Page and will soon add it to the Favorite Moth Poll.

16 October 1999

I guess the current updates are obviouse to those of you who have visited the site previously. I've re-organized and reformatted the site to be quicker loading with better navigation. There are a few new sections that I've created that still need to be uploaded. Please e-mail me with your view on the site. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. And, of course, I'm always available to answer any HardWar questions that I can.

12 October 1999

I fixed the problem with the polls. They work fine now. You can vote or just view results. Give it a whirl here.

11 October 1999

I've added two really big features. The first is a bulletin board. Now my visitors can interact, ask and answer questions, and swear at me. I've also added two polls you can take and sound off about various HardWar topics. Expect two new polls to be added this week. Don't hesitate to suggest a polling topic. Of course, you can always e-mail me. I always enjoy hearing from other HardWar pilots. Thanks to BeSeen.Com for these nifty free tools. If you have a Web site, you must visit them.

10 October 1999

Major updates in the Trade Section. I've added a page for finding your own trade routes and expanded the Table of Trade Items to include locations where you can reliably sell your goods for top dollar.

I also added a Scavenging Section. It will be growing in the near future. E-mail me any trade routes you discover and when and where you are finding good salvageable items. I also reorganized my Tips Page to make things easier to find.

06 October 1999

Added some tips and a route in my Trade Section. Keep an eye on this section as I plan to redo the Trade Table to include suppliers and buyers.

05 October 1999

There always seems to be a new suprise in Misplaced Optimism. My latest suprise was finding furs. Just when I thought I knew of every trade item there was. Anyway, you can find furs at Lazarus Macro 1 for around $517. I don't know where you can sell them. I found them on a sales list, but have never seen them on a needs list. I've added them to my Trade Table.

03 October 1999

I added a coupe of links to the Links Page. The first goes to Psycho Jerry's and the second goes to a good HardWar Screen Shots site (you may cancel and ignore any Japanese language support). I also cleared up some confusion in the walkthrough.

02 October 1999

I finished the Basic Training Manual. There is an online version and a downloadable version for offline viewing. It includes installation, configuration, flight controls, basic operations, and menus. It's a good companion to either the demo or full versions of HardWar.

I'm considering drawing some maps of Misplaced Optimism. I've got to research the copyright aspect and get up to speed in a drawing program. The maps would include just about every public hangar color coded as to use. If you think these maps would help you, please write me. If I don't get many responses, I'll probably give up the project.

30 September 1999

Major updating to the Walkthrough Section. I've clarified many areas and provided tips on what to do between missions to make the next mission go easier. In further news, I've not been able to rectify the problems of running the downloadable saved games in my Downloads Section with HardWar version F2.0. This does not effect version F2.1 players. I'm trying to obtain a copy of version F2.0 to make saved games for those using this version. This does not effect the demo download or the upcoming downloadable flight and walkthrough manuals.

26 September 1999

I've completely redone the Walkthrough section. It now occupies several pages instead of one slow loading one. Check back to find new tips for each mission soon.

15 September 1999

Nayjay123 has struck again with two fabulous tips. The first is How To Get A Death's Head. The second is a fun way to screw around with taxi's found under General Bull on my Tips page.

14 September 1999

Got a great new saved game from Nayjay123. It allows you to fly over the crater walls. Get it here. I also added some quick links at the top of the downloads page.

Note to Jingo: I'm working on the problem of my version 2.1 saved games not working in some version 2.0 HardWar installations. I'll post the solution on the site and e-mail you as soon as I figure it out. Thanks for writing. If anyone can help out, write me.

06 September 1999

I've uploaded the data for a 'Largest Pod' on my Pods & Drones page. I can't believe I overlooked this. Thanks to Paganist's e-mail, I've corrected this oversight. I found one at Breaker Maker 3 in the Alpha crater about midway through the plot. Thanks, Paganist ! I tried to reply to your e-mail, but the address didn't work. There's nothing I like better than hearing from other HardWar pilots, especially when you write to point out errors and omissions to the site. If anyone knows of something I need to correct or add, just e-mail me.

01 September 1999

I fixed the broken download link to the Good Start saved game.

01 September 1999

I've added a great new Downloads page. It replaces the old e-mail page and lets you download saved games directly from this site. If you've ever wanted to have it all in Misplaced Optimism, get 'Wealth'. Get a jump-start on the plot with 'Good Start'.

30 August 1999

I've added a demo download page and an About HardWar page. The download page explains HardWar's system requirements and provides a link to Software Refinery's download page. The About HardWar page gives a brief description of the game and a little about the history of Misplaced Optimism. I also updated the Main page a little bit.

29 August 1999

My second update today. I added several locations to the Geography page. Most of the locations deal with software and the plot.

29 August 1999

I reformatted several pages to bring the link buttons to the top of the page and added some local links on my longer pages. I also started putting a small 'Coming Soon' section on my main page so you can tell what I'm up to.

An apology for any fliers who were browsing my site last night. I was trying out a spiffy framed version of the page. Worked great on my machine, but was r-e-a-l slow on my server. I had it up for a few hours while making adjustments to the old, trusty version of the site. If you endured my frame experience, fear not. They're not coming back. I really don't like frames myself, but the site is getting big enough to need some better navigation. Maybe I'll irritate you with 'pop-up' boxes (joking).

25 August 1999

Just created and uploaded a new Geography Section. It has directions to important locations in the game. I plan to keep expanding it. If you know of location you think I should add, just e-mail it to me. Buttons for the new section as well as my Pilot's Guide have been added to the Nav buttons on the left. And, yes, I got rid of the puke green font color in the Pilot's Guide.

24 August 1999

Just added a few tips and trade routes, and have a new saved game I'll freely e-mail you. The game is called 'Good Start' and gives you a fully equipped Neo-Tiger, base Hawk, hangar and over $250,000. It begins in day thirteen just as the plot is getting hoppin'. If you're having problems getting started in HardWar's plot, this saved game may be just what you need. If you'd like a copy, just e-mail me.

19 August 1999

Just uploaded a Table of Trade Items. This initial table will be upgraded to include stable suppliers and buyers eventually. Any tips or trade-routes would be appreciated. Just e-mail me.

19 August 1999

Just uploaded my tips for Silver-Y pilots page. The advice works for pilots of other ships, too, but is essential for those first days doing business in Misplaced Optimism using a Silver-Y.

18 August 1999

I've been busy on the page tonight. I've found out some important news about the Gang Boy mission. I also added some tips on the Walkthrough Page for those who want to play a single game indefinitely. I've added some tips and reformatted the tips page. I'm also making my current saved game available via e-mail. The game is named is Wealth and it gives you all of the Moths, including the Death's Head, and plenty of Fusion Cells, weapons, and cash. Get it here.

29 July 1999

Get on Software Refinery's Hardwar Update mailing list for updates and news about the patch. Instructions are on the page.

I've recieved a few complaints that my old buttons were hard to read so I changed them with bigger, plainer ones. I also made a few cosmetic adjustments to my walk-through and straightened up some page formatting problems.

Sad News: My computer crashed early last week and I had to reload everything. When loading my archived saved Hardwar games, I discovered that they weren't properly zipped and were a total loss. If you've been waiting to download the super saved game I've promised, you'll have to wait a few more days until I get my current new game up to that level. I'm currently in day 4 and already have a hangar and well equipped Neo-Tiger. I haven't died yet and don't use plot jumps or the God Hangar.

Keep checking the homepage and this page for news about the super saved game. It will give you all of the Moths with Fusion Cells, plenty of cash, and other toys I'll be collecting throughout the game.

15 July 1999

Changed a button and my stylesheet a little bit. Got some new info for the tables and clarified some areas of my walkthrough. I'm getting ready to upload a table of trade items this weekend.

10 July 1999

I made new templates and buttons to spiff up the sites appearance. I'm still sorting through e-mail and intend to put up some good tips and trade routes soon.

5 July 1999

Got a pretty good bit of e-mail for a new site. A successful Trader named "Bloogie" sent me all sorts of stuff. I've put up some of his startup routes and tips and will add more of his stuff soon. I also spiffed up the tables a little bit. I know borders always look rough, but you ought to see the tables without them. They get a little hard to keep up with. I plan to expand the Trade and Links section toward the end of the week.

30 June 1999

Just got up and running and expect to have all pages online within the week. I hope you'll send me your tips and help me make corrections and fill in blanks. Send your suggestions, tips, and comments here.